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Stefanski has been incredible, and I feel we are in good hands with his tough, strategic business decisions. I like Korver and it must have been tough to trade him, but looking back Ed showed great foresight in getting the pick, the cap room, and the chance to let Thad develop and encouraging Mo to Run 'N Gun. Same with the Carney deal; Ed knew what had to be done and did the job. Next on my wish/dream list--Steph Curry in next year's draft and Pat Croce back as prez... :)

I absolutely love this signing! Woohooooo! But I was hoping you could help me with a question. In the next 2 years when basically every other star besides Elton Brand is a free agent will the Sixers have any money to spend. So many available players would probably put the Sixers #1. Well, that is if they are not already there.

We'll have the mid-level exception available in free agency. So as long as ownership is willing to pay the luxury tax, we'll be OK there.

Awesome! Is there any cap room left that maybe we could still consider Josh Smith, or is that pushing it a bit?

If we could sign both, I could see us in Boston's position this time next year. A championship in Philly could be a real possibility!

It would take a sign and trade to get Smith at this point, and I just don't think it's likely at all.

Ed is the man. All we need is another SF or SG who can shoot the three and play some D off the bench and we're set for this year. I would call Jason Smith the backup C and Evans the back up PF. Speights will compete both both of those jobs.

Alex K. on Jul 9 at 8:37

Congratulations, couldn't be happier for a team I don't really root for haha.

Now to re-up J-Smith for 6..

You know Kyle Korver was a great shooter but he was a liability on defense. Not to mention in the Playoffs for Utah he did next to NOTHING. 11 3's in 12 games WITH a dominant inside player(boozer) and a elite point guard(williams).
So this whole brand deal in my eyes looks even sweeter...
Korver, Carney, Booth, Utahs 1st round pick (probably the 23 or 24th pick) for Elton Brand, a 2nd round pick (probably like the 32-33 pick--Minny is awful) AND a 2.8 million dollar trade exception.
Anyone who doesnt love the trade is not seeing the whole picture.
Sixers need to get a shooter who can hit in the CLUTCH. I would love to see James Posey come here but he may be too expensive. They will get someone...I have faith in Ed.

Love this deal - really the best we could have hoped for. Probably doesn't get us in contention but does put us ahead of Orlando and Cleveland as the 3rd best team in the East. Shooting is still a huge concern though. If Iguodala moves to the 2, there's really nothing to stop teams from just packing it in under the rim, and daring us to score from outside. That negates both Brand and Miller's penetration. Maybe 'Dala and/or Thad will improve sufficiently from outside to stretch the floor (the latter seems more likely). Otherwise, I think this team still needs a legit outside threat in the starting lineup.

Yup. They aren't complete yet, but they've taken a huge step in that direction. Now you need to add the complementary pieces, like a Posey. Much easier to find shooters than 20/10 PFs.

Tray reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 15:51

As always, I think you're underrating shooting, but the good news is that once Miller's gone, we'll be free to bring in a shooting point. By the 09-10 season, we should be a real contender.

I don't think I'm underrating shooters, I'm just saying they're much easier to acquire than a post presence.

I do think, however, that the outside shooting will improve this season among the guys currently on the roster. Brand should create a ton of open looks for those guys.

Tray reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 17:52

I agree that it's easy to acquire crap shooters, which is what you're talking about given that you think stars like House and Matt Carroll are out of our price range, but it won't be so easy for us to find someone who can shoot and play 30 minutes a game, which is what we need.

Congrats you guys! It is good to see you all catch a break and get a player that can take you to the next level. Hopefully the TWolves will be here by 2010! At least we have an extra first round pick and Carney to show for your bounty! Although, like gdog pointed out it may be only a few picks earlier than it would have been, and it means the contract is guaranteed (which can be good or bad)

I wouldnt say that I love the carney deal but I do love the fact that we have Elton Brand. This easily catapults us into contention as long as we keep our health and our core. Brand gets hurt in two years, then who cares we have Speights to fill the gap. I loved Carney because of his athleticism and he has not realized his potential. If it was necessary to get Brand then Im happy, but I just have a feeling that Carney will not be a basic role player off the bench and will start for some team some day with quality minutes.

Now I told you a long time ago, Brian... Brand was the way to go! Not Josh Smith, who wouldn't have helped in the right places. But Brand... wow. 76ers are a legit threat next year. Now get to work filling out the bench with a few strong veterans (the PJ Brown types), and you might be looking at the conference finals next season!


Sixers web site says that a "major player announcment" will happen at 5pm: http://www.nba.com/sixers/news/major_player_announcement_080709.html

Hmmm, I wonder who it could be??

Ed Stephanski is one sexy man.

gdog reply to Joe on Jul 9 at 18:16

Anybody who brings Elton to MY team is damn sexy !

If we still have the midlevel excpetion I think they should go after JR Smith hed be an easy get and would replace carney as the athletic player off the bench and is an unbelievable shooter albeit a bit streaky. Hes restricted but I dont think denver would pay much to keep him.

You only get the mid-level if you're over the cap. You either have cap space, or the mid-level, never both.

Next year, they should have it.

Stefanski will definitely address the outside shooting as we go; I don't have concern that he won't. But isn't it great that the rest of the summer and season we get to debate what the sixers will do to put them over the top? I'm still beside myself. I mean, this time last year we were wondering what direction the team would take post AI. Now they are bonafide contenders that will go into the majority of their games expecting to win as favorites. What a great feeling.

I hear JJ Redick is going to be available...

This might not be a bad idea, depending on what Orlando would want. It would be ideal to get a shooter who can do something else besides shoot, but he's cheap.

No bi-annual exception either sadly...


“If a team is below the cap, then their Disabled Player, Bi-Annual, Mid-Level and/or Traded Player exceptions are added to their team salary, and the league treats the team as though they are over the cap. This is to prevent a loophole, in a manner similar to free agent amounts (see question numbers 29, 30, 31, 32). A team can’t act like they’re under the cap and sign free agents using cap room, and then use their Disabled Player, Bi-Annual, Mid-Level and/or Traded Player exceptions.”

So it's veteran's minimum or a trade. Those are the only options.

I'd say they have three trade chips at this point.

1. Willie Green
2. Reggie Evans
3. Jason Smith

Green and Evans both have contracts that would be extremely tough to move. They both run through 2011, meaning all those teams desperately trying to get under the cap for 2010 won't touch either guy with a ten-foot pole.

One possible trade would be Matt Carroll for Reggie Evans. While Carroll may not be the ideal long-term solution to the shooter problem, his contract expires after this season. Doesn't Reggie Evans seem like a Larry Brown-type? Someone get Larry on the phone.

Honestly, though. I think if the Sixers are going to acquire a shooter through a trade this season, Jason Smith is the one asset that could get something done.

Tray reply to Brian on Jul 10 at 2:35

In conclusion, great move, but this won't be the Sixers' year. By next season, though, we'll have a real shot at going to the Finals.

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