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Not sure where Joe got his info, but the following was posted on the Sixers website:

The Bi-Annual Exception. This exception was $1.83 million last season and will be $1.91 million this season. It’s when you can sign a player, or players, to a one or two year contract(s) and you can use it every other year.
SIXERS.COM NOTE: The Sixers did not use their Bi-Annual Exception in 2007-08, therefore it is available to them for the upcoming season.


Joe reply to Jay on Jul 10 at 11:23

That link is just wrong. That is the same link that I originally thought we had it for as well.

The bi-annual exception was "available" to us, but we had to renounce it sadly. The bi-annual exception was counted against our cap. We had to renounce it or else we would have had 1.9 million less in cap space. We also had to renounce the MLE and the trade exception we got in the Carney deal.

What about the trade exception they got in the carney trade ?
Furthermore...the one thing you havent mentioned is the sixers trading draft picks. Someone mentioned that they had a "ton" of them but I cant find just how many they have.
My gut feeling is this. Sixers dont make a move for a shooter....they see what they have and go from there. You guys ever figure that the reason their shooters arent great is because they had no one in the low post to get them open looks ?

I think that's a legit reason why they aren't good. They could have Wilt Chamberlain in the low post and they still wouldn't be great.

I agree on timing, it's not crucial to get a shooter heading into the season. See what you have first.

Of all the above options, I agree that someone on the veterans' minimum seems the most likely option. I'd be reluctant to surrender Smith unless the Sixers really feel comfortable with Speights or someone like Herb Hill playing backup minutes at the 4 and 5.

Still, after Stefanski's done this much, you have to trust he'll continue to do the right thing going forward, right?

I think our best option would be Brent Narry signing for the veterans minimum. Would he do that? Probably not unfortunately, but he would be a good fit in that even with his age he is still a solid defender and can play the 2-3 and the 1 in a pinch.

JoshG reply to JoshG on Jul 10 at 15:26

I guess Brent Barry would be a better option that Brent Narry.

Max reply to JoshG on Jul 10 at 16:36

Barry would be an intriguing peice. He shot nearly 43% from three and 48% overall last year. He's got some injury baggage and he can't run anymore plus he's old as dirt but he could slide between the 1 and 2 and be a depth guy. I could also see him signing for the veteran's minimum. His 2008 salary was $172,177 according to espn's player card. The problem? I believe he lives in San Antonio and has a comfortable life there. I don't see him leaving the Spurs except maybe for the Rockets. Maybe even the Suns although that's far less likely. More than likely it's the Spurs or Retirement.

I doubt there will be a real top notch answer to this need this season, unless through a trade. The problem is, I don't think our disposable pieces, Green, Evans and Smith, are all that attractive; mostly because of Evans and Green's contracts. I certainly would not want to give up Speights w/out seeing him play, and his upside is a lot higher than Smith's.

This may be a thing that will resolve itself through a combination of improvement by Lou, Igoudala and Young, and the mid level exception which we will have to spend next summer. And, of course, ownership's willingness to pay the luxury tax.

The sixers players WILL become better shooters because they will not have a hand in their face all the time. Come february if they need a shooter they can get one...most teams have shooters and if a team is 15-35 at the all star break you can bet they would give up the shooter for a 2nd round draft pick being they will be rebuilding.

Bones Barry would be a great fit, but he isn't coming here - everyone wants him and he'll go to one of the real contenders for this season.

This morning's Inq speculates about minimum salary players who might be a good fit - Juan Dixon, Salim Stoudamire, and JJ Reddick (the latter would have to come via trade unless he gets cut). None of those guys gets pulses racing, but actually any of them would be a pretty good addition and have a chance to contribute. I just worry about having too many Duke guys around.

And while on the subject of the Inquirer, anyone notice that they don't seem to have any basketball writers anymore? Aldridge vanished mid-season, and Narducci got yanked the minute the Sixers exited the playoffs. Since then it's like they've had interns doing the coverage. Pathetic.

Herb Hill DWI

That is enough for NBA teams to go to the next name on the list. Ashame.

A Long Shot?
J.J. Redick, 24; 4.1 ppg. last season with Orlando; career 39.0 percent three-point shooter: Redick is not a free agent, but the Magic did draft a shooting guard, Courtney Lee, in the first round, then signed free-agent shooting guard Mickael Pietrus from Golden State. Redick has asked to be traded.

- Kate Fagan

taken from Link

although redick is a good shooter...i think he is a defensive liability (Kyle Korver anyone? but he is 6'7 :P) and his offensive game is limited BUT improving....thoughts anyone?

btw mentioning korver reminds me of him hitting a clutch shot to force 2nd OT? in a 3OT with boston back when a.i was still with us....ah memories

gdog reply to Eric on Jul 12 at 14:25

You guys are forgetting just how good this team was during the 2nd half of the season last year.
They didnt have shooters then either while destroying Boston, San Antonio, Detroit. Add to that One of the 5 best power forwards in the game and this team can hang with anyone. Not to mention all the guys they have will be a year older/better. Dont give up on Iguadola as a shooting guard either. My guess is he will be shooting 500 3's a day. Hes only 24 years old...I agree with Ed...the shooters will be better...for sure. I can shoot 25 footers all day with no hand in my face. Hand in my face...not so much.

Sixers lost their first summer league game today to the warriors but Thaddeus was gret with 27 point as was speights with 22 and 12 boards. Anthony Randolph was the best player on the floor though outdualing Thad down the stretch to seal the game. He finished with 30 pts on 12-18 shooting.

i haven't given up on iggy...it is evident his jumper has improved with each season..hopefully it will be even better and more consistent this coming season....he will be unstoppable with his drives,dunks and eventually shooting.

i'm just suggesting we need a shooter as a role player to open up the floor a bit more and play off the bigs if they get doubled in the post...that's what korver did but receiving the pass from iverson when he was doubled and hitting the open shot

I would sign and trade Iggy for Michael Redd. If we could pull that off we’d be right up there with the Celts and Pistons.

anthony on Jul 6 at 0:26

the sixers should try to trade brand and a draft pic for some body like macgrady

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