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i heard that the yakees are interested in signing richie sexon when he clears waivers... what the hell are they thinking?? hes batted around the mendoza line for 3 years and strikes out as much as a pitcher if i am the gm of the yankees and i know matsui is lost for the year there is one clear cut move that has no risk and high reward.. BARRY BONDS Throw 3 mil or so at him and al of a sudden we have te best lineup in the game imagine this... damon jeter abreu arod bonds giambi posada cano and melky.. wow hes a left with power and walks a lot why arent we even thinking of this move??? sure hes an a hole but its all about winning isnt it?? get bonds and well see u in the world series

I'm in favor of bringing Barroids in. You can put that on the record.

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