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You have a typo for Gardner's OBP, I think you meant OPS.

Good catch, it's fixed.

With July about half over in baseball terms, for Melky to reach his 2007 July numbers, he'd have to hit about .500 the rest of the way. I'm thinking that's not going to happen.

Yep, I keep waiting for him to heat up, but he just looks lost. Like I said above, with the way the team is playing, and hitting, Gardner should be the choice if it was being made today. I'd just like to see him start hitting a little bit.

Turns out that Damon is going to be out longer than expected. Extended tryouts?

PS Josh Hamilton is unreal.

It seems like every time Melky doesn't play it costs us a run. There is not enough offense from Gardner to make a difference.Maybe if Garner could bunt?

Melky is a bench player. Gardner will be just fine....

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