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"On offense, doesn't Williams have the same drawbacks Iguodala does at the two? He shot three percent better than Iguodala from three, but again, you'd have to expect Iguodala's three-point percentage to go up with Brand on the team and Andre not being asked to shoulder so much of the load."

You know, it's not like Iguodala took a lot of threes with a hand in his face. He generally takes shots when they're open, and he still misses them. This is simply a guy with a fundamentally flawed jump shot. Williams, on the other hand, is just 22 this October and has steadily improved in this area of his game every season. And by your argument, with Brand on the team he'll become a 40% three-point shooter. Of course, I agree that Williams is less valuable than Iguodala, but he is the better shooter.

Better shooter, from three, yes. My point is that Iguodala is hopefully improving in that regard, and he's a superior player to Williams in every other dimension of the game, and a much better choice to play the two guard for the Sixers.

Williams had a much better percentage from the line last season as well.

I'm crossing fingers and hoping Dre's shot improves, but the likelihood is that it will not. He has shot almost the same % every year he's been in the league, right around 33%. Not terrible, but not going to scare anyone. As for Lou, my hope is that he is our future at the point. I don't think there is anything wrong with his handle - he can get anywhere on the floor he wants to - but his decision making and timing need to improve. That, however, can come with age and maturity. Hopefully another season puts him over the top.

Funny...the other day I was watching pardon the interruption and Mike Wilbon said that the Sixers cant let Iguodola go because he is young and one of the top 10 players IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE. I respect Wilbon...a lot. And I am sure he watches 10 times more basketball than I do. But top 10 in the league ?
Iguodola to me seems like a Scottie Pippen type player. He is not a great shooter but you know Michael Jordan wasnt a great shooter at 25 either. Im not saying Iggy is on that level but he could definitely be another Pippen. The guy is 25 years old and last year was his first year away from Iverson. Give it time.....
Would you rather have Ray Allen who if hes not knocking down his shot is absolutely useless ?
At least Iggy can create his own shot and play lock down D.

I've argued this before: Being another Scottie Pippen would be the absolute best case scenario for Andre. Becuase of his late career, people forget what a beast Pippen was. The first year MJ was retired, he averaged 22 points, 6 assists, 9 rebounds, 3 steals, 1 block, shot 49% from the floor, led his team to the conference finals and finished third in the league in MVP voting. Yes, he got his rings thanks to Jordan, but you could make a strong argument that the reverse was also true. I agree that Andre could grow into that kind of player (Pip also shot about 33% from three), but that's hardly a consolation prize - it would make him one of the best ever.

I think some of us are missing the big picture here, which is that this is likely Andre Miller's last season with the team because his large expiring contract makes him a huge asset in a trade. He is playing the best ball of his career, but his age and lack of outside shooting preclude him from being our long-term solution at the point.

Lou Williams, on the other hand, is an ideal complement for Iguodala in the back-court. Not a great outside shooter, but better enough than Miller to give the team a boost in respectability from the perimeter. The fact that he doesn't have the ideal mindset for a PG is offset by the fact that Dre brings the ball upcourt half the time anyway. Defensively, their talents are also complementary, with Dre as a lock-down on-the-ball defender with size and Lou using his speed off the ball to disrupt passing lanes.

To me that's the ideal set-up for our back-court going forward with this team.

Iguodala couldn’t carry Pippen’s jock no way in hell. It’s not even a consideration.
Pippen is 6.8 with really long arms he’s a much better shot blocker and defender in general. Iguodala is good not great, he MAY make the bottom portion of the top 25.
He’s nowhere near top 10

Kobe, lebron, garnett, peirce, howard, anthony, Iverson,wade,nash,paul, marion,kidd, Arenas, McGrady, Billups ,brand, Nowitzki, Garnett, Duncan, Williams, Stoudemire…………. Off the top of my head. …..There’s probably 6 or 8 others who are definately better

You've got Garnett in there twice, and there a plenty of guys on there who are one-dimensional players. Top 10 in the league is wrong, but he's probably top 20 when you look at all-around players, and he is only 25.

He’s somewhat one-dimensional too, offensively anyway. He’s an above average defender maybe late teens maybe. He’s got great highlights which is why he’s overrated. A guy on S.I.com (forget who) had him as the #1 restricted free agent
Over Smith, if I had to pick between the two I’d take Smith in a second.
There’s another one to add to the list. Smith, Odom, Hamilton, Wallace, Jamison, Gasol… He’s probably in with those guys.

Aaron reply to Terry on Jul 16 at 17:52

If I may offer my two cents. Considering that there are only a handful of elite scorers in the entire league, you cant really knock him for not having a decent shot. His defensive presence is tremendous and I would hardly consider Billips, or Nash, or Marion better than him. Look at him, hes a smart player who is motivated and isnt lazy(marion) who creates turnovers, what does nash do just lob passes all day long and turn the ball over 4 times a game. I'll take Iggy over a lot of those guys.

Calling him one dimensional doesn't make much sense. Look at it this way, the biggest weakness in Iguodala's game is his three-point shooting. We can probably all agree on that. Take a look at the three point percentages of a bunch of guys on the list you provided:

Odom: 27%
Wade: 28%
Jamison: 33.9%
Baron Davis: 33%
LeBron James: 31.4%
Tracy McGrady: 29%
Marion: 33.3%

Iguodala shot 32.9% from three last season. He isn't a terrible three-point shooter, he just isn't a deadly shooter from out there. His defense, rebounding and distribution skills are all well above average for a shooting guard in the league, or small forward, for that matter. He's a complete player. Several of the guys you listed are not.

for whoever said Iggys shot is flawed...based upon what ?
He seems to have a good stroke...high arching shot. Hes not done improving...again hes only 25. Unless lebron, wade or Kobe is available I think we should stick with him...

Anyone catch Speights line tonight? 24 points, 13 boards, 2 blocks, 1 steal, and 0 turnovers in under 32 minutes. I cant wait to see him play with the rest of the team.

Aaron, grain of salt my lad, Jason Smith scored 24 as well.

I meant to say more about their presumptive contracts. Iguodala costs a ton and may be inessential; Williams will come relatively cheap and could fit into the Sixers' plans for years to come.

When you bring their respective salaries into the equation, then you have a point. Will Iguodala be $10M/year better than Lou at the shooting guard? That's debatable. As a team, though, I think they need to sign him. They aren't in a penny-pinching mode right now, they have a limited window to build the roster up as much as possible, and Iguodala, no matter what he's signed for, probably isn't going to turn into an albatross. If he can't hack the 2, there will be a trade market for him.

One thing from your post is spot on, you said Iguodala needs the Sixers more than they need him. He only has two choices right now, sign for what the Sixers offer or sign his tender, there won't be a big offer sheet coming from anyone else.

The Sixers could play hardball, but I don't think it's going to happen. He'll probably get a little more than the $57M he turned down last Summer.

The ‘09 summer should be pretty good (Boozer, McGrady, Ginobili, Jermaine O’Neal),

Ginobili would be a nice get if Iguodala opts out

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