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The guys over at Fire Joe Morgan usually do a pretty good job of ripping Murray Chass to shreads...


we need barry bonds plain and simple matsui is most likely gone for the year and how deadly would out lineup be with barry in the 5 hole behind a rod?? he will cost nothing and he is still the best lefty in the game why not give it a shot?? sign barry and were the team to beat

Dude, Murray Chass is a clown. Tom, I'd say your yearning for Barry Bonds would become a detriment to New York. I don't want to see Barry Bonds become a Yankee. That'll tarnish what it means to be a Yankee. Leave him on the joker teams of the Giants or the Cubs. We don't need that guy.

Anyway, my buddy emailed me this morning:

If you feel like playing at Yankee stadium this summer, there's a fantasy camp. Check it out


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