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It's obviously waaay too early to be talking about playoff seeds (because you know Detroit is going to do something crazy any time now), but if the season started today, here's how i think the East would shape up.

1 Boston
2 Detroit
3 Washington
4 Philadelphia
5 Miami
6 Cleveland
7 Orlando
8 Toronto

Replace TMac with Iggy and i think Phili has a great shot at #2. It probably wouldn't be great for the long term future of the franchise, but it would make them title contenders this season.

Joe reply to Rickhouse on Jul 21 at 0:08

I don't want to criticize your list too much, since I don't have any list yet myself, but I don't understand the Washington ranking. They don't defend and have lost to Cleveland like 3 years in a row now. I am no Lebronoholic but I think Cleveland deserves to be ahead of Washington. Cleveland's roster won't be the same though once the season starts, so it is a moot point kinda.

I can't forecast Toronto really, but they have ZERO depth, so I can't disagree much with that.

Orlando winning 10 less games this year? I can't buy that really. Van Gundy is a quality coach who gets his team to defend.

Well they were a fifth seed last year without their best player so that's my reasoning. The last time they were healthy (two years ago, I believe) the Wiz were a juggernaut. It's also just sort of a gut feeling as well.

Joe reply to Rickhouse on Jul 21 at 9:37

Well, they won 45 games once.

I am bias though admittedly. I can't stand teams who don't defend.

I also consider Arenas their 3rd best player, although that may be unfair to him since he hasn't been healthy for 2 years or so now.

My instincts tell me they will win about 44 games, wherever that puts them. I think the Sixers will win about 10 more than that. I am a Sixers fan though, so once again a probable bias.

Don't like Iguodala, but T-Mac is one of the last guys you want to build your team around. Constantly injured, doesn't attack the basket anymore, jacks up brick after brick, quit playing active defense years ago... he might make us better, but he also virtually guarantees that you never win a championship. As for Lou, if he leaves, would that free up enough salary for us to sign a real shooter? If so, I wouldn't mind if he left.

Joe reply to Tray on Jul 21 at 0:17

Lou would free up 1 million in cap space assuming Iguodala isn't signed yet.

Tray reply to Joe on Jul 21 at 0:48

Well, keep him then.

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