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I don't love the signing, but I don't hate it either. Ivey seems like a solid player and a good compliment to the other backup guards (Green and Williams). Definietly not the shooter we were hoping for, but Stefanski's not done.

For the veteran's minimum, he's a decent guy to have on the bench. I believe they're 3 short of the minimum number of players against the cap at this point, so definitely more to come.

Ya, in the article I read it said with Ivey they only have 9 guys. I thought we had at least 10 before Ivey.

Lou, Andre, Iggy, Willie, Thad, Evans, Smith, Speights, Brand and Dalembert.

Are they not counting Lou and Iggy or what?

Either way, I agree that Stefanski's not done. I'll take any shooter at this point. I'd love a trade for Morris Almond.

Chris reply to Jordan on Jul 25 at 3:43

Trading for Morris Almond would be a fantastic move. He is a great shooter and has a mid-range game too. Plus, he's got very good size for an off guard.

I guess not. Lou and Iggy count against the cap, but Jasner was talking about guys under contract I guess. The 9 would be:

Sammy, Miller, Green, Speights, Smith, Evans, Thad, Brand and now Ivey.

JoshG reply to Brian on Jul 25 at 18:30

So after Iggy and Lou we are up to 11, lets get us a shooter or 2 and then sign Rod Benson. I would love to read his blog even more if it was inside stuff about the Sixers. That's just a smart PR move even without looking at his actual on court play.

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