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What about the rumors that the BlogsByFans Network is going down like a sinking ship with a mutiny near?

I'd say check your sources.

I don't like the Kemp and Lowe for Cano deal. I heard about a possible trade for Lowe involving Cano earlier in the season (when Robbie was slumping). Anyway, I'm sure Torre and Bowa would love to have Cano with them in L.A.

And I would make that deal with the M's in a heartbeat. Washburn isn't as bad as his stats and Vidro would give the Yanks more depth on the bench.

They're saying Vidro could be a DFA candidate.

Cam reply to Brian on Jul 24 at 13:26

Yeha, in my mind, there is no way you get rid of Cano, not unless something completely blows you out of the water, a la the A-Rod/Soriano swap. But what does that mean? Cano for Pujols? Washburn makes the most sense. He solidifies an extra spot in the rotation with a track record proven starter, and who cares about Vidro. If he does well, great. If not, just like Pete said, dump him and bring back Cristian. It would only amount to about 7 million. Plus, on the catching side, teams have won with catchers that have much less potent bats than Posada, we've just been spoiled. Let Molina and Moeller ride out the year.

My feelings on Molina are pretty simple. He's a superior defensive catcher. His bat is awful, but at least you're making a trade off. If you brought LoDuca in, you'd be getting a below-average catcher for possibly an average bat at the position. It's more important to have the defense at catcher, in my opinion.

I like Olivo because you can have a legit platoon with an offensive boost against lefties.

Cam reply to Brian on Jul 24 at 15:15

That's true about Olivo. I just hate to see the Yanks have to give up anyone for a league average (or below) catcher just cause Jorge went down. But I agree with you, and I think most teams feel the same way, that defense is the most important thing back there. Unless you have a Piazza who makes up for what he lacks in defense by being a number 4 hitter and absolutely smashing the ball, I'd rather have someone throwing out 40% of the runners.

That would work.

You don't want Barajas. The Yanks were smart enough to pass on him last year and should do again this year. Absolutely no arm whatsoever...you might as well cede second to whoever's on first and his numbers offensively are a fluke. LoDuca is a wash as well.

The possible trade with Seattle could be interesting. The salary dump of Iagwa for Washburn might be worthwhile. Too bad they didn't get Randy Wolfe before he was traded. When he's healthy (which is a big factor), he's a good fourth man in the rotation.

Sorry Brian, forgot to ask...
Is there any chatter on Seattle giving up Erik Bedard? He's struggled and was even moved to the bullpen for a while and hasn't wowwed anyone there.

Bedard hasn't been horrible, he's just been hurt. He just had an MRI on his shoulder, which they're saying came back clean, but I highly doubt anyone's going to pay a price anywhere near what the Mariners paid for him only a few months ago. Sad time to be a Mariners' fan.

Xavier Nady would look great in pinstripes....

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