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If one of those agents said... "this is the starting point" I would just respond with a laugh and say... "Hmmm. Your client shot 8% less from the field and scored 2 points less a game... why would this be the starting point? This should be your ending point at best"...

This is a situation where execs can't be too mad. Every guy on that list scored less.(I think) The league pays guards for their ppg almost entirely. It is flawed and that flaw should be a good bargaining chip IMO.

If I was Ed, I would argue some ways in which Monta was better if this came up. Then I would eventually offer a deal similar to yours as my final offer.

I think this was a great thing personally.

Monta is much better than you are painting him as well IMO.

I'm not saying Monta is bad, he's very good. Out of all the players I listed, he's probably the best offensive player. But he's a combo guard who is not a good defender. We're comparing him to two very, very good defensive players in Smith and Iguodala. Not to mention, Iguodala's offensive numbers are on par with Ellis'. In fact, he had a higher PER, as much as I hate relying on that stat alone. Monta shot much better from the floor, but Iguodala was a better shooter from three (10% better) and got to the line more.

If I'm Iguodala I think Monta's contract is exactly where I'd start and I'd probably want to tack another $10M onto it.

Listen. 53% is 53%...thats an awesome shooting percentage. Ellis is a very good player...probably better for the sixers than Iggy because he can shoot so well.
Is Andre a max player ? No...not yet. could he be ? Maybe...If Iguodola improves his jump shot and range and his MENTAL toughness..he would be a very dangerous all around player. I think the question is also...can he do it in the playoffs ?
let the sixers sign him to an extension and see what he does next year. If he shrinks again in the playoffs as the SECOND option...then maybe this isnt our guy. I really like Iguodola...but like the entire NBA...no one REALLY knows just how good he can be.
Which is why theres no 70 million dollar offer sheet coming his way. Did you REALLY think golden state or la would try to sign him to spite the sixers ?

I think Golden State and the Clippers would've liked to sign him, but they didn't want to sign he, or Josh Smith, to an offer sheet, then have to wait and see if the Sixers would match. They went for guys they knew they could get because they were both desperate. It's very hard to pry restricted free agents away.

One thing about Iggy vs Monta...if Iggys shot isnt falling hes not totally useless because hes a good defender.
Although if Monta shot 53% apparently his shot is rarely off...which is amazing. The more I think about it...the more I see Iggy as a scotty pippen type. As long as hes not your number 1 hes very valuable...problem is he wants to be paid as a number one and that spot clearly belongs to brand.

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