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On Pete Abe's site he reported that Pavano is starting for the gulf coast league on Tuesday, have you heard anything about he Yankess having plans to bring him back?

This season?

I really hope not. Maybe they're hoping to move him in a trade and eat most of his contract. At this point, I think the Washburn deal will probably happen, he'll replace Rasner, and the next in line behind Ponson has to be IPK. Hopefully Hughes will be back in 3 weeks as well.

Nady and Marte for trash. I'm thrilled. Thoughts?

The deal they reported during the game is awesome.

Brian - Yanks got Nady...give me props, I nailed the Nady acquisition (see 7-25 8am post).....

Great call Gerry, I love the deal. Got a nice right-handed bat and a hard-throwing lefty out of the pen as a throw-in basically. Tabata is the best player they gave up, and he's had some serious issues at AA this season.

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