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like every other sixers fan, i'm happy that they added a guy who can shoot to the team. however, we've all been so excited to get a shooter, it's easy to lose track of the fact that Rush probably won't see the court much. i think a much more important facet of our perimeter game will be whether our young perimeter players (Lou, Dre, Thad) can improve their 3-pt shooting. i mean, if they each raise their 3-pt percentage even just 1 or 2 percent, doesn't that make a much bigger difference than having a one-dimensional role player who gets 10 minutes a night? to that end, the sixers need to add a shooting coach.

A shooting coach would be a great idea.

Good signing; how can you argue with a shooter for the veteran's minimum?

I am happy we got him. I will be happier if Rush and Willie don't see the court somehow, because neither should be rotational guys for a legit contender.

Joe, all contenders have that one guy that comes in and hits threes. Paxson, Kerr, Hodges, Fisher, Horry, Lindsey Hunter...the list goes on and on.

Joe reply to The GM on Jul 29 at 13:34

I would rather have a guy who is a good shooter and can defend or a terrific shooter who can't defend.

Rush is a "good shooter" who can't defend.

35% career, 37.3% last 3 years. Can't make free throws.

For what the Sixers had to work with, I am happy with the move, but ideally he doesn't see the court IMO. As a 2 guard, he would take minutes away from Lou Williams, Iguodala, Young(indirectly), or Green.

Of those 4, Green is the only one who's minutes can be cut, but Green is a better defender. Both are fringe NBA rotational players on bad teams, let alone teams trying to win 55+ games.

Once again, I like the move because the Sixers only had the minimum, but Rush and Willie are both poor players, so them being on the court is only going to hurt really.

I'm going to disagree with this. Is Rush any worse than Eddie House? Their numbers are almost identical.

Willie is by no means a starter, but I've said all along, if you need a guy who can come in off the bench and get hot, carry you for a couple of minutes, he can be useful. Think Juan Dixon for the Pistons.

The problem with Willie was that he was overexposed as a starter. Each of these guys can contribute to a 55+ win team, in limited action. Back of the rotation, for sure, but in the rotation.

Joe reply to Brian on Jul 29 at 22:11

I don't know. House is better in every single way just about a little bit even last year. If you go by the last 3, you see the gap grow more. If you go back more years, you see a canyon developing between the 2. I wouldn't lump the 2 together.

I disagree about Willie. You know as well as I do that Willie as offense is BS. Sometimes he is on and the team is better slightly. Sometimes he is off and he destroys the team.

Of Ivey, Rush, and Green, I like Ivey the most, because he shoots the least.

That's a good reason to like him the best, but do we really want Brand passing out of double teams only to find Thad Young open for a 3? I know I don't after seeing him air/brick about 80% of his jumpers in Vegas.

I agree with your Willie assessment. He can score, but he kills the entire offense. That's well and good when he's on fire, but how often does that happen?

Bottom line for me is, I'd like to see Rush more than Ivey or Green. Rush has a history of shooting a ton, but he's always been on bad teams except for his short stint with the Lakers. In 03-04 he played 17 minutes a game on a championship team. He averaged 6.4 points per on 44% and 35% from downtown. I'd be thrilled with that type of contribution from him, with some minor improvements in percentages and I'm sure that will be the case since he's three years wiser.

As for Ivey, I see him as a younger Kevin Ollie and I think he should be treated respectively. There's simply no playing time for him in my opinion. I think Lou should be the number one backup with Rush and Green backing up the two. Does anyone really trust Ivey to run the offense more than Lou? Lou might be a score first point, but is Ivey even a true point guard?

Joe reply to Jordan on Jul 30 at 0:14

Yeah I probably underrate the Rush 3 point shooting ability. I'll admit that. Having SOMEONE who shoots over 35%(league average) is probably needed.

I just want healthy competition.

Rush/Willie/Ivey fighting for the 20 minutes leftover.

Reggie/Smith/Speights fighting for the other 20 leftover.

May the best men win.

Ivey is a younger Ollie, perfect way to put it. I think Rush is basically here to play the role Carney played, but play it more effectively.

He comes in at irregular times, when the Sixers need to spread the floor. I'd be the majority of his shots will be threes. That's obviously his role on the team, and I think it's one he's comfortable with.

As for the rotation. I expect to see a ton of different lineups, including one with Miller at the point, Lou at the two, Iguodala at the three, Thad at the four and Brand at the five. They have a ton of flexibility now, and I don't think Cheeks will hesitate to go small, especially since his SF has a year of experience at PF, his SG is a true SF, etc. They can mix and match to get their mismatches, and still be able to defend just about anyone. Tons of flexibility on this team.

Rush played some solid minutes on the Lakers' championships teams didn't he?

10 minutes/game one year, 17 min/game another.

Ya, so if he could do that for the mighty Lakers, I'm sure he should find some minutes with this year's Sixers. Our team is all of a sudden stacked now. And young. A deadly combination. Last year everybody was all hung up on Lakers/Celtics. It's very possible the Sixers and Lakers could run the NBA for the next 3-4 years. This year the Sixers might still be too young, but the next 2 or 3, watch out.

Having not seen Kareem play much since college, I'm surprised to learn that he's a defensive sieve. I guess the pickings are slim for the veteran minimum, but even if he's one dimensional, he's still a pretty good shooter, and with the way this team plays defense, you can afford to steal some minutes for him on the court to keep opposing defenses honest. And hopefully this steals some minutes from Willie.

Nice job again, Ed.

I like this deal. Every guy in the starting five for the sixers is a VERY good defender. If Rush comes in to spread the floor when they need some hoops down low i dont think it will hurt them at all. Ok so Rush's man blows by him...standing in his way would be sammy, thad and elton...Ill deal with that. Last I checked Steve Kerr didnt play a lick of defense....and robert horry didnt do much either in the latter years of his career. How did those guys do ?
Very good signing by the sixers....this team has a chance to be the best sixer team in the last 25 years. And for the record I dont think the 2000 sixers were that good...eastern conference was very weak at the time.

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