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Iggy counts as 6.5 outgoing for Sixers
Iggy counts as 13 incoming for other team

Yes? No?

Exactly. So the other team has to be able to eat $6.5M, or you need to find a third team to eat the salary to make it work. Denver could use their trade exception from the Camby deal, Memphis could use their cap space to make the deal or facilitate it.

I can't see any other way it could happen.

Excellent base year compensation analysis. Most bloggers seem not to understand the way it works, so they come up with crazy trade scenarios. I like your thinking here.

I also agree with your numbers for Iguodala and Williams. Iguodala will sign for 6 years and betweeen 72 and 75 million. I think Vujacic set the mark with $5 million a year. The Sixers reportedly offered $3.9 million already. If they up it another million, or perhaps $1.5, the deal will get done I'm thinking. In my opinion, Williams is worth more than Vujacic, especially on this team where he can play some point (Miller isn't getting any younger) and two-guard.

That's more than I originally thought Lou would get. I wonder is someone will offer him the MLE.

The Sixers offered a deal starting at 3.9 million...

I say that because with 10.5% raises that comes to 4.72 a year over 5 years. I don't know what raises they gave, but I have a feeling they didn't offer a level contract...

Does that seem like too much to you? I don't know, I was thinking he'd get a deal similar to Willie Green's, which is much cheaper than that.

Joe reply to Brian on Jul 30 at 20:05

Well, he is coming off a year better than any Willie ever put up IMO, and he is younger.

Here are their last years before getting their extensions. Granted one was a BK extension, but they aren't really that close in terms of production...


If we wait another year, we may be dealing with teams putting out 8 million a year for this kid IMO.

Here is Lou compared to some most to full MLE players

How much do you think Lou was worth?

Those guys were all overpaid, IMO, but you have a good point. That's ammunition for Lou's agent. Like I said, I was figuring on something like $20M for 5 years, maybe a little less. Probably not realistic, I realize.

Oh, and how the hell did BK give Willie that contract?

Joe reply to Brian on Jul 31 at 0:11

Or Calvin Booth a player option. Calvin Booth gets a player option?

They are all overpaid, but Lou is more valuable, in my opinion, than all of them.

If a guy like Mo Williams got 9 million per, Lou could. Lou gets to the line more than anyone at 21 does besides the LeBrons of the world. He just has that knack and those are easy points especially since he will likely be an 80% FT shooter soon.

You're probably right. I think I just had visions of the team maybe somehow having cap flexibility sometime in the next five years. But I guess that was never realistic.

Anyway, we can worry about that (and the future of the PG position) this time next year. For now, get Lou and Iguodala to sign on the dotted line.

Lou signed today...


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