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Here we go!

Sterling just called A-Rod's HR last night , A-Rod-ian. Please, someone give me a free subscription to MLB.tv

That's awesome. Abreu's slide was perfect.

Cam reply to Brian on Jul 30 at 14:02

Pete Abe had this on Cano's play:

UPDATE, 1:49 p.m.: Cano can be a frustrating player to watch. Just catch the ball, you don’t need to be cool. Just catch the ball.

Was that a catchable ball?

The single from last inning? I didn't think so. He was moving for some reason and it was a rocket. Didn't have time to get his glove up.

The grounder in the first he might've hot dogged a little bit.

Anyone have that home run call from Sterling?

Cam reply to Brian on Jul 30 at 14:16

Nope, in the bathroom when that happened.

Haha, Sterling just said that reading the box score is like being dyslexic. I heard that at the tail end of the comment, almost not sure what he was referring to. What a cut up this guy.

On a positive note, at least Abreu is hitting the cover off the ball again.

Edwar got run. He didn't seem too surprised. Buzzed Millar's tower.

He did it again! El Comedulce! Bobby Abreu, as sweet as candy!

Got this homerun call covered:

"There it goes...etc etc. It's gone! El Comoduce! (sp?) Bobby Abreu! Sweet as candy! (um, wha'?)"

Woa, while typing that one, this one came in:

"There it goes to deep right center...etc etc. It's gone! (said comletely out of breath and almost falling off chair) An A-Bomb, from A-Rod. Abreu and A-Rod go back to back, belly to belly!"

He truncated the A-Rod call, huh? No "Alexander the Great conquers again?"

He's getting lazy.

Cam reply to Brian on Jul 30 at 16:01

Nope, no Alexander the great, but I think he dropped it in order to add the belly-to-belly. It's not often he gets to break that gem out.

I was hoping Nady would hit one, haven't heard it yet.

Wow, very very weak "thuuuh Yankees win chant today". Lasted only about a second, if that. Oh well, got some good ones anyway. Now I guess it's back to work for 45 minutes. Feel better, catch ya later.

Take it easy.

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