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good game recap.

I referred your site to some fellow yanks fans to check it out!

Thanks, by the way, did you see Farnsworthless continue to screw the Yanks over? Meant to mention that. Unbelievable.

well my point has been proven again we have no pen and should have never made the trade for pudge ... pitchers like throwing to molina and hes better def... we need an arm not a catcher edwar cant be trusted we need farnsworth back i give cashman the least val player TERRIBLE TRADE cant wait till it really comes back to bite us

Did you happen to see what Farnsworth did for the Tigers today?

did you see what edwar did???? did u see farnsworth pitch for us this year ??? terrible trade

Farnsworth with Yankees this year:

43.3 innings, 43 hits, 17 walks, 11 home runs, 3.65 ERA, 1.353 WHIP.

Edwar including yesterday's implosion:

39.3 innings, 23 hits, 17 walks, 4 home runs, 3.20 ERA, 1.017 WHIP.

This was a good trade.

2 homers! 2 freakin Homers! That trade was brilliant as far as I am concerned. Krazy Kyle is still screwing us over. For all we know he did it on purpose!!!!

Joba tonight. Love watching this kid work. I think we go on another roll here fans!

I'd like a sweep in Texas. They should absolutely destroy the Rangers pitching.

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