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Endurance will be a sign of what we'll be able to do in the play-offs. Joba vs. Lackey (on 8/9)could be a preview of a game 1 scenario.

btw- from the last post: to all you FARTSworthless fans.... he gave up 2, that's right 2 home runs to the Rays in the 8th last night to screw his new team over (and us as well). Still think that trade was a bad idea?

He finally showed his true colors. We got Bruney back, not that I'm saying I have total faith in him. At least he'll fight for his spot though. Especially since there are a few guys waitin in the wings down in AAA.

Finally I'd like to say that we should all keep our fingers crossed that Mariano is OK. Get him a damn heat pad or some active on STAT!

I'm really looking forward to that Joba vs. Lackey game. It's funny, Moose has 14 wins, Pettitte has 12, Wang won 38 over the past two seasons, but whenever I look at the Yanks' upcoming schedule it's always the Joba starts that I count as wins.

Is there any question that he's the ace of the staff already? If game 7 of the W.S. was tomorrow, who would you want starting for the Yanks?

In your opinion, how do the advantages swing if Rasner is replaced by Kennedy (something that I think will happen given yesterday and Ponson's masterpiece on Friday)? Even though we pounded him, I think Weaver still has the advantage considering history and he's at home, but I don't know enough about Slowey.

I thought about that and Kennedy doesn't really change anything in either game. I'd love to say he's going to pitch like he did in '07 when he came up, but what he did for the Yanks in '08 isn't really much of an improvement over Rasner. Obviously, we're all hoping for more out of him, and expecting more, but Weaver has a track record and Slowey has pitched pretty well this season.


What's the plan with Pavano? Are they going to actually try to get something from him this season?

Is he signed through next season? Or are we Pavano-free next year?

We're Pavano free in '09, thank God.

I'm not sure what they're planning with him. I'm hoping he's an emergency option if Hughes can't come back and/or Kennedy falters when he returns to the Bronx. Nothing more.

Brian - You read my mind...not a whole lot of season left.

Tonight is big. It would be nice to see Joba assert himself.

I'm fairly confident that the Rays will wake up in September and see that they're in a race...they will soil themselves. However we need NYY to be remain close enough so that they can reel in Tampa.

AL Central runner-up bears watching too.

so who would want farnsworth to pitch to byrd tonight??? pudge 0-4 and called a terrible game.. did well all forget that the pen was our strong point before this ludacris trade?? jobas hurt jeter and arod cant hit in the clutch season is over im mailing it in

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