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Brian, i feel you pain joe is so close to the game it blinds him from making the right call!!I was a joe fan from the start but iam sorry to say he just makes bad calls after bad calls!! Joe needs to go!! jay O

I've given him the benefit of the doubt for most of the season now, he's had some tough injuries to deal with, and a lot of the guys have under-performed, but tonight was a game the Yanks had to have and he blew it for them. I hope this isn't indicative of the type of decisions he's going to make down the stretch.

what a bad loss up 3-0 w joba all is well right??? wrong no farnswortg to stop the bleeding no center fielder who can hit no 2 or 4 hitter who hit with men on base and now no ace. why not stick bonds in left and nady in center this is a horrible loss pudge is terrible how do we break up a great pen for a washed up catcher i dont get it

Please stop acting like Farnsworth was the second coming. He had 2 good months out of three seasons with the Yanks, and they weren't even that good. He was the least-effective out of Veras, Robertson and Edwar. He was expendable, especially considering the need at catcher, and there was absolutely a need at catcher. If Joe had actually gone to one of his righties and they didn't get the job done, maybe I'd entertain some Farnsworth conversation, but he didn't. Joe blew this one, plain and simple.

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