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your right richi doesnt know hes supposed to choke there.. honestly who would u want up in that spot?? jeter has been nothing less than putrid time after time he comes up with men on in a key spot and hits into a dp or ks .. yes he had an rbi but i dont think a sac was what we wanted fron the cap in that situation...and was there any doubt a rod wasnt going to come through in the 9th???NO DOUBT i mean why would he ??? hes possible the best right handed hitter of all time VS soft throwing 56 year old everyday eddie its pretty sad to no get excited when hes up with a chance to tie the game ... what a disaster.. what a sickening game ... by the way if farnsworth pitches a clean inning there we win the game .. im sure ill wake up to joba out for the season tomorrow and we can all but throw in the towel

Kingman on Aug 6 at 10:02

Girardi reminds me of a young Willie Randolph. Seriously. Willie couldn't manage the pen at all when he first came up. He got marginally better as the years went by.

His pen management in the first half of the season was very good. He limited appearances, and pitch counts, got everyone into roles they were comfortable in. It's just over the past week, when the pressure has really been on, that he's completely blown it. Not a good sign.

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