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Yes, he is worth a look see. I read a comment from that same blog that said Jamal Crawford was mesmerized by his shooting; he apparently was not missing very much in his aborted attempt last training camp. You can't teach shooting and this guy can probably still hit cotton. The sixers could run even more half court sets which would play to his strengths. If he can still play I would buy willie out and put him on the roster. I would do it in a heartbeat.

Buying Willie out would be the gift that keeps on giving. He'd still count against the cap for the next three seasons. They could sign Houston for the veteran's minimum without getting rid of anyone.

i think everybody agrees that we could use more production from beyond the arc, but at this point, the roster and rotations are fairly set. barring a major trade, we know what guys are going to be logging heavy minutes. houston (if we added him) and rush probably won't play enough to make a significant change. the key to our perimeter offense is going to be whether or not the guys we already have out there can improve. i think with another offseason under their belts and the benefit of getting cleaner looks at the basket that having a post player like Brand brings, we can expect to see better performances from Lou, Dala, and Thad. just how much better remains to be seen.

I'd probably look at Houston as insurance. Rush shot very well last season, in Jim O'Brien's system, but his career numbers aren't that great.

They have roster spots available, and I'd like to have another option on the bench to stretch the floor.

You're absolutely right, though. Rush, Houston or any other vet. min player they get won't be the solution, none should play more than 10 min/game, most likely. Lou, Iguodala and Thad need to improve their percentages, which I believe they will.

I’ll bet he can still beat Korver in a 40 yard. Dash
He could provide exactly what Korver did.
It would be fun to see.

But can Houston do this?

Funny stuff

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