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I always wonder how much Snyder gets involved.
That’s too much for him.
I wonder if he received any offers from Golden State or the Clippers etc.
If they make him sign the qualifying offer can they resign him long term during the season?

Joe reply to Terry on Aug 6 at 13:05

If he signs the QO, that is immediate "really bad blood" IMO. I don't think any talks would be going on besides Iguodala saying 16 million a year or good bye.

I agree. If he signs the qualifying offer that means he's going for a max deal next season. He won't settle for anything less than that until he sees he isn't going to get it from someone else.

Joe reply to Brian on Aug 6 at 14:09

I think, on top of that, he would take a pay cut upwards of a million or so a year, purely to spite the Sixers if all they get done is the QO.

I thought 6 years 75 million was good. You won't hear me saying 5 years 73 million is acceptable...

If it is a 5 year deal, you absolutely can't go into the 70 million dollar range.

It is hard to imagine going into the 65+ million dollar range even.

This is phillyburbs though and they are constantly providing crap information.

It seems like a mistake or a type-o, doesn't it? I mean, $70M+ for 6 years makes sense considering what the other guys have signed for. $70M+ for 5 is way out of line.

Tom Moore is pretty good IMO.

Why do they have a salary cap with one $ amount and a luxury tax threshold with a higher amount? It seems like the salary cap is just propaganda, but there must be some convoluted reasoning. Anyone care to elucidate?

The way I see, the cap is there to level the playing field. The luxury tax is there to make it hurt owners who use loopholes to exceed the cap. Or prevent cheap owners from using the loopholes beyond a certain point.

There are a few ways in which a team can go over the cap. One is to use Bird Rights to go over the cap to re-sign their own players, another is to use the mid-level or bi-annual exceptions to add free agents. Theoretically, a team could use the mid-level every single year, and sign guys to 4 or 5 year deals. The luxury tax assigns a financial penalty for going too far over the cap.

A team like NY doesn't care about it, a team like Phoenix is deathly afraid of it.

Personally, I think the whole cap structure needs to be rethought, but that's my understanding of how it currently works.

I don't see why he should be making that much more than Luol or Ellis.

gdog reply to Tray on Aug 6 at 18:46

You know I cant comment much on monta ellis. I know he can score...what else can he do ?
Deng had a real good run in the playoffs the year before last..other than that nothing special. hes basically tim thomas. Iggy scores 19 a game without taking a ton of shots --plays great D AND brings the ball up on our team. OK so hes not a great 3 point shooter...but how many other guys can do what he CAN do ? If this guy develops a consistent jump shot hes UN-GUARDABLE.
So maybe the sixers are paying for potential greatness...and not what he was in the playoffs last year. I think RIGHT NOW Iggy is on the level with those other guys...and probably has more potential than any of them.

Tray reply to gdog on Aug 7 at 11:13

I'd say Ellis is already about as good as Iguodala, and has the potential to become a top ten scorer in the league. Luol, less upside of course, but he's not Tim Thomas. Tim Thomas is a bum.

You think Ellis is going to become a top-ten scorer in the league as a point guard? That's what GS signed him to be.

14 M per year seems too much for me as well

especially considering his VERY POOR playoffs performances.. that should count for something, unfortunately for Andre

it seems a salary based more on "potential" than real efficiency. Don't get me wrong, I like Iguodala as a player and I want to keep him, but for the right price, that is lower than 14 M a year.

It seems a Rashard Lewis type of contract: a good player, providing what the team needs, but for an excessive price (I know Lewis makes even more that Iguodala, but you get my point)

I am ok with a 5 year deal, maybe with a team option for the 6th

If it comes down to Iguodala playing for the qualifying offer the 76ers can still pay him more than any team after next season because you can exceed the cap to resign your own players. Bad blood or not it ALWAYS comes to the almighty.

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