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Nov 11th - Utah
Nov 23rd - Orlando
Jan 14th - Portland
March 2nd - New Orleans

I will probably try pretty hard to go to at least 2 of them, if not all. Those are 4 teams that will be there for the next 5 years.

To tell you the truth, there's really not one game I'm more excited for than any other one. I'm just stoked to watch this team play each and every night. I'm sure my tune will change once the season gets here, but as of right now all the games look amazing Especially the TNT ones.

The Sixers, thanks largely to the acquisition of Elton Brand and a better-than-expected 2007-08 season, will play seven games on national TV this year, including the Nuggets’ Allen Iverson’s second game as a visitor at the Wachovia Center (Feb. 18 on ESPN). The other ESPN games — all at home — are slated for Nov. 26 against the Magic, Dec. 10 vs. the Cavaliers and April 4 against the Pistons, who eliminated them in the first round of the playoffs.

The three TNT games are: Nov. 6 against the visiting Magic, April 9 at the Bulls and the April 14 home finale vs. the defending champion Celtics.

The Sixers open the season Oct. 29 at home against the Raptors. Kobe Bryant and the Lakers make their only visit Dec. 3.

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There you have it. How many did they have last season?

Terry reply to Brian on Aug 6 at 16:55

Don't know I asked we'll see if I get a responce.

they didnt have any last year

I'm pretty sure we had one last year. It was on ESPN .

We also had a couple on NBATV if that counts for anything.

on the Sixers board of Philly.com they say Lakers and Cavs have 25 nationally televised game each, vs our 7....

Chicago has 10 (!), Blazers 13 and Nuggets 16 (!!!!)... I think there is something wrong

Not that I care much anyway, since I will have to get crazy as usual, trying to see them all on the Internet and at 1-3 AM, LOL

one more thing Brian, do you or any of other readers know why in the hell Sixers are ALWAYS on a Western trip at the end of Dec?

I was planning to come to the US to see some games for New Year's Day, but it looks like I'd have to go to Salt Lake City, not exactly an exciting perspective :-)

what's going on at the Wach center every year at the end of Dec-beginning of Jan ??

Baby cried the day the circus came to town!
Don’t cry out loud, the circus is here in Dec.

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