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Brandon on Apr 10 at 7:20

It's all part of the game. And if you're at a Sixers game, it's the best part!

Hookers? Wow dude your a prude. I don't think I've heard anyone complain about a cheerleader since, well ever.

"I don't think I've ever heard anyone complain about a cheerleader since, well ever."

Apparently, you've never been to a game with my wife. Please read the disclaimer at the top of the blog.

my only point is that you don't need to look like a ho to pump up the crowd. ever go to a baseball game?

I thoroughly enjoy the Sixers dance team in all of their ho-ish glory. They are one of the primary reasons I buy lower-bowl tickets (often to my girlfriend's dismay.) If it were up to me the uniforms they wear would be even smaller. Baseball games would be far more entertaining if they had a hot dance/cheer leading squad bouncing around between innings. Oh, and there is no such thing as "unnecessary cleavage" or "too tight"...except when dealing with fat chicks.

but it's not at a strip club, it's a ball game! a good chunk of the audience aren't horny guys.

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