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Very interesting, much appreciated

gdog2004 on Aug 7 at 18:55

Nice article Brian. The Sixers are paying(rumored) on potential for sure. Is he a lock down defender like bruce bowen ? probably not...can he score it like Iverson ? No.
But he is a much better defender than Iverson and a much better offensive threat than Bowen. Many of the guys on that list are not particularly good defenders and still get paid a ton. Its funny that a team will pay a ton for offense(Iverson) but barely anything for defense(In comparison)---(Bowen, Posey)
And yet...defense wins championships...go figure.
There are some rare players who can do it all (bryant, garnett, pierce) but they are max players. Andres not that...but he is very good and could very well become Scottie Pippen...which if hes ever that 15 mil a year would be a bargain.

I still think that figure of $70M/5 years has to be off, but even if it isn't, I still think you have to sign him. In a perfect world, you'd see him play the two with this team for a season before giving him a long term deal, but as Joe said in an earlier thread, at this point having him sign a qualifying offer is basically a slap in the face and you can bet he'll bolt if there's a halfway decent offer from another team next Summer.

Something you have to take into account is that Iguodala is very, very, very good. He isn't a marksman from downtown, but I really think he's better than anyone else they're going to be able to get in free agency next season, that's if they have any money to spend. The biggest question mark next Summer will be Andre Miller, if they have two huge spots to fill, this whole think could fall apart quickly.

Iguodala's play is really responsible for Elton Brand being here. They have to lock him down and keep this core intact.

Hi Brian,

Excellent article. I think having the defensive pressure off him will let Iggy be much more efficient. I just hope he improves his dialing from downtown over the summer. If he can improve his outside shot with Brand getting the lion's share of the D's attention I think he'll really do well. :-)

That seems to be the consensus. I just want this to be settled quickly, either way. This team has finally turned a corner, we don't need any soap operas dragging into September.

Jason Smith apparently hurt his knee. That is word on the forums at least.

I am tired of the Iguodala contract stuff right now. Good article.

I hope it's nothing serious. Can't find anything on it.

Max reply to Joe on Aug 8 at 12:58

The bloggers have it right; Jason Smith is presumably done for the year with a torn ACL ...


Going back to the class of 2004, you have to think Dwight Howard is the best of the lot. Andre is probably close to, if not, the best of the rest but not close enough to Dwight Howard to deserve equal money.

The odd thing is how little feedback we're hearing about the negotiations from both sides..

I'm taking that as a good sign. If Iguodala was in the press saying the Sixers don't respect him, or the Sixers were saying he's asking for way too much I'd be worried.

Out of that draft class, I think Iguodala is the 2nd best behind Howard.

Iguodala couldn’t carry Pippen’s jock!
Never in a million years, it’s not even a consideration.

Max reply to Terry on Aug 8 at 12:44

is there a way to get pippen's PER in his year without Jordan against iggy's PER last year? I'd be curious to see.

Here's a comparison.

Pippen was 28 in '93-94 when Jordan was proving he couldn't hit a curve, and/or serving his under-the-table gambling suspension. This was actually Pippen's best season, based on PER (23.2). For the most part, he hovered right around 20 as the second banana on those great teams.

Iguodala is not at Pippen's level, but I do believe we'll see a big jump in his numbers as the #2 option this season. Time will tell.

Joe reply to Brian on Aug 8 at 14:05

oops. I posted a similar thing a minute ago without refreshing. Sorry.

Joe reply to Joe on Aug 8 at 14:07

I think it was filtered out since my comment isn't here. Probably because I posted the exact same link... lol.

It got caught by the filter (3 links in a comment gets caught). I pushed it through. Good points about 3rd and 4th seasons.

Joe reply to Max on Aug 8 at 14:04

Here you go max.. link

I think these are more applicable comparisons to make though... 3rd year and 4th season

gdog reply to Terry on Aug 10 at 12:47

In pippens 3rd or 4th year, PIPPEN coulndt carry Pippens jock ;)
Give it time...

I don't think he'll sign that. If he does, the Hawks will match, easily, and get him for below-market value. I still think he's a QO guy.

Terry reply to Brian on Aug 8 at 14:58

He signed what's Qo guy and don't laugh!

QO = qualifying offer.

I have a post up on him signing the offer sheet. I'm surprised. If ATL doesn't match, I'll be shocked.

Terry reply to Brian on Aug 8 at 15:09

me too Memphis did Atlanta a favor!

and the 76ers a favor

the sixers just signed iguodala for six years 80 million. that would make the salary on average 13 mil instead of 14.5. That contract is higher than deng's but at least it is lower than rumored. now they have brand and iguodala locked up for the next 5 seasons.

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