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apparently you let the mooooses remarkable unbelievable super .. there arent enough good wordt to describe the mooses outing tonight BUT!!!! did u for get how sickening it was to watch the yanke O tonight??? how many time did we have 2 on 0 out or man on 3rd and less than 2nd got nada?? cant lay down bunts Awad looks lost at the plate in fact hes so bad they elected to pitch to him with man on 3rd and 1 out and a base open they easily ked him them walked the giambino .. why can we blow these games open when we have inferior pitchers on the ropes i cant watch them hit into dp time after time its sickening this game shoulda been a route their hitting has left me speechless please can anyone come up with a clutch hit ???

It seems that the God of Double Play has finally let go of Jeter and chosen A-Rod to be the new Father of Many DPs.

I basically assume a DP is coming whenever there's a man on first and less than 2 outs. I think Abreu is the only guy who ever legs out a close one.

I was able to sneak in 7 innings of viewing...great job by Moose and the defense.

A-Rod was 0-13 in the series....good god.

Wasn't Nolan Ryan creey looking sitting in the stands watching the Rangers....?

He looks like he wants to kick the crap out of every pitcher the Rangers put in.

Good to see Marte recover from that absolutely awful 42 pitches he threw vs. the Angels. Last trade deadline in 2007, I had written a line about how the Yanks would be wise to pick up Marte due to his dominance of lefties. When they actually got him, I thought it was a good move but that game vs. the Angels had me wondering.

As for Nolan Ryan, isn't he the Rangers' President? Again, Moose continues to amaze....

Marte had one bad game and one game where Girardi abused him. I don't think he's really an inning+ guy he should be used for situations, or an inning at the most.

Yeah, Ryan is running the show down there now.

What the hell has happened to Damon? Is he using mahogany now for his bats? I'm getting a little concerned.

I'm starting to think he finally changed the model of his bat. Maybe he was getting embarrassed.

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