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I imagine Harrison would cost more than the minimum. The good news about this is we'll see more of Speights. Judging by summer-league play at least, he seems to be a talented guy and it would've been a shame for him to be buried. This way if he turns out to be really good - like, starting power forward good - and we have no room for him, he still builds up trade value. Whereas if he'd been totally buried, the other teams can't really assess how good he is.

That's the silver lining. I thought Speights would be buried as well, let's just hope he can handle the minutes in his rookie year, playing games that should actually matter.

This sucks. I'm hoping for Theo or Dikembe, or "Horry for the win!"

I'd take a chance on Mutumbo and then Ratliff, in that order. Ratliff might be younger, but he's been riddled with injuries most of his career. I wouldn't want to sign either over the veteran league minimum.

Of course, Mutumbo must be like a zillion years old now. Is he the oldest guy in the league?

He might be the oldest guy on the planet. He's listed as being 42, though.

I definitely didn't want anything to happen to Smith but I think more minutes for Speights will be a very good thing. I think he has the ability to 'surprise' out of his draft slot. I think if he works hard he could easily be one of the top players from this draft class.

Another person I'd like to see them sign (for the minimum) if possible is Herbert Hill. Assuming he's healthy I'd be curious to see what he could do. Not like I expect him to be any great shakes but he is a back to the basket player, has good size / strength combo and he can block a shot or two. At least there would be a chance he could develop into something. A lot of those other guys were "never was" or ancient to the point of disability (Mourning and Horry).

I don't know what's going on with Herb. Didn't he get a DUI this Summer?

Joe reply to Brian on Aug 8 at 15:49

He signed overseas.

Joe reply to Joe on Aug 8 at 15:51


Some Sixers fans may remember a certain former pick there as well... lol. Sam Clancy!!

Yup, good call. He got a DUI also.

Never trust those Providence guys :)

I wouldnt mind seeing PJ brown come aboard. Hes a savvy vet and can still defend and rebound. AND score 6-8 points a game.

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