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Alex K. on Aug 8 at 18:24

Every second that passes and they don't match I get nervous....

Just saying. This is the organization that drafted Marvin Williams over Chris Paul and Derron Williams then Shelden Williams over Brandon Roy on consecutive years.

I was a Smith over Brand fan from day one. That being said I highly doubt this offer will go un-matched.

Forget about basketball, if the Hawks don't match this offer it might be the worst PR move in the history of the sport. Hometown guy who they just let walk instead of matching a perfectly reasonable contract. It would be unforgivable, as far as I'm concerned.

Alex K. on Aug 8 at 23:27

Thank God.

The Grizzlies protected the Hawks from themselves.

the hawks may not match. Keep in mind one thing folks...smith doesnt seem to want to paly for the hawks. They could MAKE him play there...but would you want someone there reluctantly after shelling out 60 million ?

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