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Brian - Yes, Melky is merely a 4th outfielder, there is no doubt. Very much like Endy Chavez of the Mets.

These guys only succeed if they are not over-exposed. The minute they play on any regular basis the pitchers figure them out in a hurry.

Did you see Betamit's running gaffe last night when he was on firstbase...? I've never seen that play before...

Yeah, that was the first time I've seen someone do that. The announcers were actually wrong, though. Betemit has a right to go back to first and stay there, it doesn't matter if they tag him while he's standing on the base. The only way they could get him out is to throw the ball to second for the force. Molina would've been automatically out had he stepped on first while Betemit was still there. Runners always have the right to go back to the base they were on.

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