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I can't wait to read your next post. The same pieces are in place from last year (barring a few injuries), so why aren't the Yankees looking like a playoff team?

Stupid decisions some days, bad execution on others. Both recently.

It's just sad to watch.

I was thinking of your previous post when John Flaherty went on his rant about A-Rod getting thrown out at third...

He kept saying over and over again "You have to be 100% sure you get there" Really? 100% sure? If you were 100% sure about ANYTHING in sports, wouldn't you just do it over and over again everytime? Is there any baserunner who says to himself "Hmmm...I think I have a 95% chance of stealing this base...better stay put."

The whole point of sports is that you don't know what's going to happen, and even the best-laid plans sometimes don't bear fruit. You have to analyze the game based on foresight, not on hindsight. And that's why I laugh when I hear people say that you have to have played the game to really analyze the game. Anybody who's ever listened to Joe Morgan would beg to differ

Anyway, the Yankees are done. Half the team doesn't give a shit anymore. I'm also a little disappointed that the one lefty that Girardi left in the line-up was the one who half-assed the final play of the game the night before (Cano). If you're going to sit a lefty against PErkins, let it be the one who screwed up royally the night before

No one has kept Cano in line all season long, I think that's a big part of the problem.

I was switching back and forth between this and the Olympics (I mean, can we sign Phelps? Maybe just get the whole US swim team out on the field) when I turned on the game just in time for the 1st and 3rd, no out situation. As soon as Pudge pops up, I turn to my fiance and say "Melky is either going to hit into an inning ending DP or pop out to 2nd." She just turned to me, laughed, and we switched back to Beijing. I have no faith in anyone other than Nady and Moose.

I hung in there until the Twins scored the 4th run, then flipped back and forth between the Yanks and the Olympics. Phelps won the gold and I was back in time to see the top of the 9th. At least it was a quick loss.

It makes no sense to sit Damon last night. My faith in Girardi is wearing very thin. How could he make a call like that?

Is there anyone else out there that thinks Girardi might be in over his head?

What really burned me up last night was how shocked he looked right after Nady struck out. It was almost like he didn't see what was coming. He actually believed that he fielded the best team possible last night.

He's also to damn stubborn to admit making a mistake. During Kim Jones's post game interview she couldn't even get the question out on why Damon didn't play. That proves he was being a MORON and was too damn stubborn to fix his mistake.

Two thumbs down Joe. Bad Show man. Get your Sh*t together Yankees, the post season is a pipe dream at this point.

Can we at least go down with some shred of dignity left?


I think the good ship dignity has sailed.

I'm not too sure of Girardi either at this point but the real question is how much faith do the Steinbrenner boys have in him? Is he going to be a one season coach if he doesn't make the playoffs? And does this open the door for Mattingly to step in? Waddaya think?

In all fairness, as a coach, he's had some injuries to deal with this year, Posada esp. hurts. But good managers manage around injuries, as they're a part of the game.

Did I read somewhere that the Rajah of Rehab is possibly ready to throw in September?

He might be ready earlier than that. He's about a start behind Hughes, and Hughes could start on the 17th.

Pudge and Sexson are finished....

Christian looked like a lost boy out there last night.

I have to agree with Flaherty - - it was senseless to steal 3B.

In the grand scheme of things, it didn't matter. At this point, though, sitting around and waiting for a hit to score a run is not working. They should be running, they should be bunting, they should be pushing to take the extra base. Runs are at a premium, in that situation, it was the right call. Singleton even mentioned a couple of times how the pitcher didn't vary his delivery once. He looked at A-Rod, then went home. He had it timed, just got unlucky w/ the pitch location and the call. I hope he'll do it again if the same situation comes up tonight.

Pudge and Sexson sure do look finished, don't they?

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