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You wanna know how stupid you are? Rube Walker, man. I conned you out of Rube Walker!

Since you were obviously fishing for a comment: I haven't seen Louis Amundson play. Which shouldn't be too surprising, since he plays 15 minutes less than Balkman, which must mean he plays a negative amount of time.

Speaking of imaginary numbers, those "Balkman total" may not be impressive, but those numbers are weighed down (as I'm sure you are aware) because they include a lot of games early in the season when he played like 4-7 minutes. Look at the games when Balkman has had 25-30 minutes of playing time or more: his numbers are more like 10 pts, 11 rebounds, 3 combined steals/blocks. I highly doubt Louis is capable of putting up even one game with those stats, otherwise he might be playing. He'll probably be in the development league by the start of next season....

Give Louis a chance! My point was that they're the same type of hustle player, who are extremely valuable to a team in short spurts, but not that hard to come by.

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