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I'm not an apologist, although people have made that claim about me in the past. But I've gotten back at them -- each and every one of them. Anyway, I don't think you can lay full blame on Girardi. Yeah, he's made some curious decisions, but I think everyone (players, coaches, brass and G.I. Joe) has an equal stake in this frustrating season.

He's not the only one to blame, but he's up there. With good talent and bad results the manager has to go, in my opinion.

And you're absolutely an apologist, but I won't hold it against you.

Left Coast Mike on Aug 12 at 23:39

Hmm, not sure I agree with that last sentence. Agreed with the rest of this, though. But saying Joe-G should go based on how this season is going doesn't feel right or fair. The blame's on all, making Joe a scapegoat won't help.

I just don't know how much patience you can have with this team, this payroll. Say you have a healthy roster next year, and you add a couple free agents, that isn't going to improve Girardi's decision making. Not to mention the fact, I don't want this guy calling the shots when games really matter, in the playoffs. He's crumbled as the games have gotten more important. If the season ended today, I'd fire him. We'll see how he does from here on out, maybe he can prove himself down the stretch.

Good post, Brian. I think a lot of Yankee fans share your questioning and frustration.

While I don't believe Girardi deserves the entire blame for the Yanks underachieving, he certainly doesn't deserve a free pass. He does have the most talented and expensive team in baseball to play with. He does have ownership that will go out and get the pieces needed to get the job done. And while Girardi did a good job managing the Marlins, for some reason he seems lost when dealing with the Yankees. Maybe it's just not a good personality fit for the job.

Again I raise the issue, maybe out of wishful thinking...
If the Yankees don't make the playoffs, does this open the door for Don Mattingly to come in next season?

Also, if the Yankees don't make the playoffs, does Cashman start paring the payroll and cleaning house? Hard to think of rebuilding with this much talent, but does he rid himself of high priced veterans in favor of young prospects?

And is Cashman secure in his job with the Steinbrenner boys? From the looks of it, Cashman has done his job. He's provided the talent. The talent just isn't producing for Joe Girardi. It really makes you miss Joe Torre, Larry Bowa and Don Mattingly.

I'd love to say it would open the door for Mattingly, but I'm not sure he'd take the job. Also, if Girardi is gone, I think they'd look for someone with a proven track record, having been burned by one inexperienced guy already.

Something else to think about and would like to hear comments...
It takes a different kind of manager to manage an NL team than an AL team.

Before the Phils/Dodgers game last night, Phils announcer Chris Wheeler interviewed Larry Bowa. Bowa commented that while he enjoyed his time with the Yankees, he is enjoying his return to the National League and its style of managing. (For one, the games tend to be faster).

Joe Girardi was a good manager for the Marlins in the National League. Could it be that some managers are more suited for one league than the other?

It's possible. Honestly, I think Girardi had a roster full of hungry young guys in Florida, so his mixing and matching probably yielded better results. With a roster like the Yanks' you need to send your best lineup out there as much as you can and let their talent take over.

He also ruined a bunch of arms on that team (Sanchez, Johnson, etc.)

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