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I love it. I'm sure Iguodala will earn it. He's improved each year in the league and seems to be the hardest worker on the team. Bring on the Raptors!

As for league pass. Is it too much to ask to get home town announcing for the home games. Every other team has it.

I think it has something to do with comcast.

I'm psyched now. Add another big and we're set.

Seriously. Everyone is locked up, but 'dre Miller and it's too early for that extension anyway.

If nothing else, this will be the most enjoyable season since Larry and Iverson took the team to the finals.

Good stuff, Probably 5-7 million too much but given the other contracts signed by lesser restricted talent this summer. Don't think they had a choice.

Correct me if I'm wrong but he now has 22 million more guaranteed than Josh Smith? Never would have predicted that.

$22M more total, about $1.7M/year more over the life of the deals. ($11.6M/year for Smith, $13.3M/year for Iguodala).

I don't know what Smith was thinking signing that deal. I originally thought he wouldn't, it was a no-brainer for Atlanta to match.

Ya, I think the Hawks got way lucky on their Smith deal. It seemed like he signed that cheap deal from the Grizz, just hoping the Hawks wouldn't match, but they did.

I hope Andre earns that contract, although it makes me shudder. Yes, I think the Sixers overpaid. Somewhere between 70 and 75 mil. seemed more in line to me. This is more like Dwight Howard money, as as much as I like Andre, he's not in the same class as Howard.

BTW, off topic, but whatever happened to Canada's favorite new citizen Sammy Dalembert and the Canadian team?

Cheeks backed him up, basically saying Sammy has never given him any problems and it must be the coach's fault. Sammy's agent had a couple of funny quotes about team Canada's ability to get NBA-level talent.

I think it's a non-issue for the Sixers. Mo is a great motivator, that's his strong suit.

This isn't Dwight Howard money. Plain and simple. Saying that is just incorrect. Over 6 years Howard would have gotten 104 million.

Dei Lynum reported it is up to 80 million with incentives. I do not trust her at all.

Ed said no deal is done at the dodgers game apparently.

I just got back from a concert, so I have no idea what happened. I am going off forum rumors.

ESPN said $80M, possibly higher w/ incentives. We'll see.

one thing to keep in mind is that the sixers got much more value out of Andre's rookie contract than is expected of the #9 pick. he started almost every game during the years when he was being paid like a prospect. i'm ok with overpaying a little to show appreciation for all the extra juice we already got out of him.

gdog2004 on Aug 13 at 6:09

Im glad the deal is done. You guys may think 72-73 million would have been more in line ? well guess what..this kid is going to get better. So if you thought he was worth 72 AS IS than he should hopefully be a bargain at 80 million in a few years.
I am psyched for the season !
I feel Iguodola is one of those rare players that will bust his butt and REALLY go out and justify his contract. He never takes a play off...I love him as a player. Hes not lebron or kobe...but who is ?
Cant wait for the season.

The point about the sixers being willing to pay some luxury tax money is a good one. I didn’t consider that, I’m happy about it.
I have to wonder in there was some sort of collusion going on with Memphis and Atlanta.
If Atlanta offered Smith the same contract would he have signed? I’m thinking no he wanted out, maybe they did something for the Hawks for future considerations?

I don't know. Honestly, I don't think the Griz thought he'd accept it. Seemed like a PR move to me, to make it look like they were willing to spend some money when they obviously were not.

The shocking thing is that ATL hadn't offered him that much up to that point. What were they thinking down there?

steve reply to Brian on Aug 13 at 14:08

thats the problem with atl ownership, they dont think.

Jasner is such an a-hole.

"A new deal for Iguodala would be an important step for the Sixers, who have had a busy summer, signing unrestricted free agent Elton Brand to a 6-year contract worth $79.8 million."

Elton Brand was shocked to learn that Phil Jasner has magically changed his 5-year contract into a 6-year deal. Don't they have editors at the Daily News?

Haha, I didn't catch that.

Jasner sucks how he wins awards all the time is beyond me.
Must be nepotism or something.

Done deal...


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