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I went to bed before the bottom of the 8th. Thanks god I did.

Moose's chances of winning 20 gms is slipping away.

Twins are a resilient team, you have to give them that much.

That bullshirt ballpark in Boston should be torn down. 19-17 is disgraceful.

For real though, Meechum has to go. Get Willie back out there at third any way you can. I can not remember a year where I have disagreed so much with the decisions a base coach makes. I'm sitting in the gym watching that go down and I'm thinking 'nice, another run' and this jerk holds him up, even after he had already started running on the pitch! Then he flashes that stupid shit-eating grin when he starts talking to Abreu, the same smile he has had after every bad call he's made this year. Completely disgraceful.

Then he flashes that stupid shit-eating grin

That cracked me up. I know exactly what you're talking about. I don't care where the throw is going, Abreu was running on the pitch and no one in the league was going to throw him out on that play. Stupid, stupid, stupid. The happiest day of the year for me was the day Meacham was at his daughter's graduation or something and Pena was coaching third.

Cam reply to Brian on Aug 13 at 14:18

Haha, glad you notice it too. Makes me so angry every time he f's up.

Was kinda bummed Mussina didn't get a win. Wanna see him finally get to 20. Might be one of the few highlights to root for this season.

oh well,
a win is a win.
Let's hope they can build on it and get something going here.

Moose really deserves 20. Guy has been a rock for this team. I'm also thinking he's earned a two-year deal and a shot at 300 wins in pinstripes.

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