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I believe the opposite of meat should either be like jello of the lineup (would work if Molina was in) or the fiber of the lineup (because you can flush any chances of a rally down the drain).

Good one, Alex!

Five freaking ESPN channels, and I can't get this game! This sucks.

Wow, make a note of this. The first time that Suzyn Waldman has made me appreciate her presence. If not for her, we wouldn't have found out about that mistake Gardenhire made until after the commercial, when Sterling would've had time to be uploaded via floppy disk with the info.

Haha, did you hear that guy yell "You're a loser!" to some player loud enough to hear over Sterling? Sterling then goes "Hmm, sounds like some guy doesn't like [players name]."

On another note, anyoen ever see someone miss as many pitches as Sexson does when he swings? It just blows my mind. Apparent fastball right down the middle and he can't even foul it off. Bring Shelley back up, what's the point?

Tom reply to Cam on Aug 13 at 16:54

According to fangraphs.com, Sexson is #5 in the majors at swinging and missing, among all players with 300 plate appearances or more. The only people who swung and missed at a higher rate than him this year have been Mark Reynolds, Jack Cust, Ryan Howard, and Justin Upton

He's too big and lanky to get around on a good fastball, especially now that he's in his 30's

Cam reply to Tom on Aug 14 at 0:52

Wow, Tom, that's very informative, really. I knew it appeared that way and that just makes me feel better. Problem is, I'd totally take Howard or Upton and day. Thanks!

2009 here we come

Sexson is useless.
A huge hole in his swing on inside pitches.

We could see Pavano in a week....

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