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I hate the preseason...i spend the whole time praying none of the key guys gets hurt.
What happened this game ? Reggie brown...hurt.
ugh. Anyway..I saw the first half. I refused to watch the 4th quarter as most of those guys wont even be in the league and may very well be getting me coffee at dunkin donuts. First half was sloppy but I think the rain contributed. Defense was solid...they really only gave up 3 points. Offense could have scored 14-17 points if it werent for a few key plays that got messed up due to weather. Mcnabb missed some throws badly...including one that was a sure first down and maybe a touch down to a wide open receiver.
Not to mention the stepping WAYY over the line of scrimmage play.
What was good...Desean Jackson. I know its preseason but in 2 games against quality defenses he seems to be un-coverable. I do NOT want to see this guy returning kicks or punts. He seems to be the only guy who can get open consistently. Please put Reed back there or someone more expendable. Furthermore...Im beginning to think Rory Seagrest is either:
b)has players that dont respond to him
c)related to Andy Reid
Regardless of personnel....special teams have been a joke since Harbough left.

Jackson looks like a perfect guy out of the slot. Absolutely perfect. Now they just need to worry about Brown getting back to play the #2 receiver, because I have even less faith in Baskett than I do in Brown.

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