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I know you're a big Melky fan (or was) but this had to be done. I like the move as we have enough players that pop out everytime they are up with men on base (*cough* a-rod) and I don't think I've ever seen someone swing and miss as much as Sexson. I actually kind of feel a little bad for Sexson. He seemed like he was liked by everyone but he has just fallen faster than I've ever seen anyone.

I'm still a Melky fan, but not to the point where I want to hurt the team. I'm just amazed that a guy whose walks equaled his Ks in his rookie season has regressed this much. Maybe AAA will be a wake up call.

More importantly, I hope Gardner can figure things out. His speed and OBP could really help at the bottom of the lineup.

Sexson probably got a raw deal, his numbers weren't atrocious w/ the Yanks. Ransom can play short, though, so maybe this has something to do w/ Jeter's injury as well.

Sexson was hitting .250...? That surprises me.

Melky and Cano staying out late...? That surprises me. Cano, as a son of a former major leaguer, seems to take things too casually.

I would love to see Cashman move Cano for a front-line pitcher. Second-basemen are a dime a dozen.

Glad to see Gardner back up...let's hope Christian gets sent back down.

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