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Made my inaugural trip to Yankee Stadium today so I could see the House that Ruth built before it closes. I'll admit -- I left after the 8th inning, since I had a long drive back up to Boston ahead of me, so I missed the extra inning happenings. But it was a trip well worth the effort nonetheless.

That last paragraph you wrote -- about the bottom of the 4th -- was the sequence I can't get out of my head from this game. Injuries aside, this team has simply struggled across the board this year, and the bottom of the 4th illustrated it in a nutshell. When the Yanks managed to tie it in the bottom of the 7th, it was a direct result of a Royals error and a wild pitch (then Pena threw another one away, but Ramirez spared him the embarrassment by striking out Damon). At that point, I turned to my buddy and said, "You know, this is just a game featuring two bad baseball teams."

Sad that that's a true statement, but injuries are a legitimate excuse. Not that anyone's crowning the Rays and Sox yet, but it'll take one hell of an effort for Girardi & Co. to dig themselves out of this one.

That's definitely a fair assessment. It was like a boxing match between two guys with both arms tied behind their backs. It's tough to watch, I kind of wonder what the crowds would be like if this wasn't the last season in the stadium.

You're actually luck you left when you did. The baseball didn't get any prettier after the eighth.

As Cano goes, this team goes...

Look into stats on games he hits well and their record if you find the team, I bet it'd be pretty interesting. As you may recall, he was hitting near .500 on the 8-game win streak.

Also, when he came home from 2nd on a single, didn't it look like he was moving faster than anyone has seen him move all season? He hit a triple too? Maybe sending Melky down sent a message.

I hope so. He looked bad on the grounder that went under his glove early in the game, but looked good on the popup he caught way out in right.

Jeff Pilcicki on Aug 17 at 15:41

I was at the game yesterday, first time to the stadium. (I'm a 4 for 4 philly sports fan, with slight rooting interest in the yanks only because i hate the sox).

But your talk about Damon in the 9th was the EXACT same discussion a friend and I had during the game. You HAVE to do it. Neither of us are big proponents of the bunt (especially me), but in that situation... Bases loaded 1 out in the 9th is a perfect situation. Even if the pitch to jeter, that ground ball he hit was slow and bouncing enough to probably score the runner from third. but no, they let damon K, in horrible fashion, and jeter DP.


Yep, unfortunately, the bigger the situation the worse his decisions become. I'm glad you got to see the stadium before it's torn down.

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