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The logic of Philly fans (I am one) never ceases to amaze me.

If you think about it objectively - and this is hard for me to do, that poll and your post makes no sense. For some reason (perhaps WIP brainwashing) determining the "Greatest Player in Eagles History" appears to be more about personality and less about results.

Reggie White, who never won a Super Bowl, left town for Green Bay as a free agent (perhaps one of the first free agents in football) is "greater" than Donovan "3 NFC championship games in a row and one Super Bowl" McNabb (and so is Randall Cunningham??!).

You project that Westbrook, in five years from now, even though he had no impact on the Eagles for at least one (maybe two) of their trips to the NFC Championship will be a better choice than McNabb. That ignores McNabb's actual results with and without Westbrook both historically and prospectively. I'm struggling to see the logic of the Westbrook suggestion unless you are trying to predict the fan's voting.

Reggie White may rank as one of the top 5 defensive ends of all time, but that does not mean that he meant more to this franchise's success than Donovan McNabb (who is no way one of the top 5 QBs ever).

My logic was that Westbrook is hopefully in his prime and has a legit shot at being the best back in the league for the next couple of years. It was also based on the wishful thinking that he'll be a big part of the Eagles next trip to the Super Bowl.

You're right though, McNabb belongs in the conversation and should probably be ahead of everyone on this list right now.

I think you are right on Westbrook's upside, but he is approaching the typical age at which RBs start to drop off. I think productivity similar to Shaun Alexander at ages 28 to 30 is more common for running backs than productivity like Tiki Barber at similar ages.



Like you, I'm hoping for Tiki like production, if not better. But for how long? 2 years hopefully, 3 years max - realistically.

When I said you are ignoring McNabb's prospective results, I'm thinking he is the most likely starting QB if the Eagles make it to the Super Bowl again in Westbrook's prime (next 2 to 3 years).

Back on your post, I'd give Joe Horn a shot but history seems to dictate that it won't happen. Andy Reid is stubborn about receivers.

ummm...why NO to Boldin ?
I would take him over anyone the eagles currently have.

I would too, but it looks like AZ isn't going to trade him, at least according to the story I linked to above.

Someone sent me an IM the other day saying we should trade Lito for Boldin, I'd be cool with that.

The fact that Greg Lewis in still on the roster tells me the Eagles still have some upgrading to do at WR. What does this guy have on Reid that he continues to make the team?

It would have been nice if the Mouth from Cinncinati was here. BTW, how is his shoulder and will it require missing significant playing time or surgery? Even with the gums flapping, he'd be a true #1 receiver we haven't had since the other mouth talked his way off the team and went to Dallas.

Curtis has a sports hernia, probably out for over a month. Reggie Brown's got a bad hamstring... Greg Lewis and Desean Jackson as the opening day starting pair of WRs for a "contender" is pretty pathetic.

Boldin's apparently another guy trying to play the "I've outplayed my contract" card, and he's jealous of the 4year/$40mil Fitzgerald got. If the Eagles were able to trade for him (which, in my opinion, would be by far the best WR pickup of the Reid era save TO but without the insanity), would they be willing and able to give him the money he wants? He signed a four-year, $22.67 million contract in 2005, similar to the five-year, $25 million extension Lito got in '04. You're always good with the contract stuff. Can we give Boldin what he wants? And do you think it's possible the Cardinals take Lito straight for Boldin since they obviously view him as less valuable than Fitz?

My grasp of the NFL cap rules is pitiful. This is the best resource I could find (although they don't seem to have updated with Westbrook's new deal), and from what I can tell, they should have the money to sign Boldin to a deal this season, I don't know what the longterm ramifications would be, though.

As for value, I think Lito and Boldin are probably about equal, but I'm no running the Cards nor Eagles. There might need to be a pick going from the Eagles to the Cards as well.

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