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Any rational NFL club would have addressed the WR position long ago so that the loss of Kevin Curtis wouldn't have killed you. Curtis is a slot receiver masquerading as a number 1. Reggie Brown is not a very good receiver, more like a 3-4 on a mediocre team. Desean Jackson looks like he'll be a nice player - eventually. Then dreck. The Eagles love the pass but then don't address the dearth of pass catching talent? Hmm, that makes sense. But that's the Eagles for you. The most arrogant professional sports franchise to ever exist.

Yep. Glaring needs, yet they trade out of the first round in consecutive drafts. Ugh.

traded out of the first round...and still got the #1 receiver on their board in the second.

There were other needs which weren't filled. It's a trend, and I always have mixed feelings. They use the draft not to fill holes they have now, but holes they think they will have 2 or 3 years down the road. Kolb last season is one example, Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown years ago are another (They had Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor at CB when they drafted those two).

This is both the reason why they've been good for so long, and possibly the reason they haven't been truly great except in 2004. My concern is that the window is closing for McNabb, and it isn't that wide open for Westbrook. You kinda want them to go for it now, but they just never seem to want to do that. Of course, if they'd gotten Randy Moss this would be an entirely different conversation.

gdog2004 on Aug 20 at 15:59

Ugh. The season is starting to unravel before it even begins. The Eagles need to bite the bullet and overpay for a wide receiver. If they do nothing this season will be another 7-9 or 8-8 waste of time and we will again be looking at trading Mcnabb and begin rebuilding with Kolb.
Trade lito, give up draft picks, do what you have to do to get a number one WR in here.
Bolden should be top priority...or take a good look at Chad Johnson. I mean really..even if you give up a little more...the Eagles have nothing at wideout right now. Better to do it now than after you are 0-3....

Yup. Trade from the glut at CB and get someone in here. I think we've all suffered through more seasons with crappy receivers than we deserve. If they really want to do something while #5 is still in town, they have to make a move.

I like Hank Baskett, though I don't think that he is top of the line quality. I like him as the number 3 or 4 this season.

I like Hank Baskett too but agree with GM... he's a good third receiver. Anyone wanna start a "Bring Chad Johnson to Philly " campaign? I know it's risky bringing such a loud mouth, but we need a true #1, and haven't had a serious big time receiver since T.O. flapped his gums off the team. Curtis is a good guy, but put him up against a guy like T.O. or Johnson or even Welker, and he's not a true #1.

I like Lito (when he's healthy) and would love to keep him, but do you think Cincinnati would entertain a call of Lito for Chad?

I'd probably take a shot on Johnson, but I don't know how smart of a move it would be. I think I'm just desperate for relevance, and sick and tired of watching this team try to compete with below-average receivers.

They still haven't recovered from the last problem child receiver they took a chance on, I'm not sure if they'd willingly go down that road again.

If a trade can't be worked out, how about taking a shot on a guy like Mike Williams or Charles Rogers. Granted there's probably good reasons why they aren't in the league, and I don't know what kind of shape they're in, but at least they were elite at one time and maybe there's a slim chance we'd get lucky, and the way the receivers look right now, what have we got to lose?

I'm up for anything, literally. Even 100% healthy this WR corps wasn't good enough. Right now, they're garbage. For Westbrook and McNabb's sake they need to get some kind of help.

Bring back Jerry Rice! ( Just kidding)
And has Troy Brown retired?

Speaking of former Eagle receivers, is Freddie Mitchell playing in arena or Canadian football?
Not that Andy would ever bring him back... just curious. And what of former disaster Todd Pinkston? Is he done now too?

I can see the season now...beat st louis...lowly receivers have good games giving Reid a false sense of confidence. Lose the next 4...Mcnabb by week 5 Is the most sacked QB in the league because no one can get open. Westbrook has YEARS taken off his career from the pounding he will take. Defense starts grumbling because they are holding teams to 17 a game but cant get off the field. Sound familiar ?
All it would take is ONE elite receiver to make the ENTIRE team better. All of our mediocre receivers would become excellent role players, westbrrok would have space to run because there wouldnt be 9 in the box every play and the defense would be fresh because they could sustain drives. Please tell me WTF we need to hold onto two number one draft picks for ? Isnt getting a young stud receiver worth a number one pick ? Maybe Lito and a number 2 ?
Cmon Lurie...look at the way Stefanski has come in and gotten things done. Take a page out of his book...

Ugh, don't do that to me, man. I really want to go into the season feeling good, I just don't think it's gonna happen.

Two things could save this offense, as currently constructed. 1) DeSean comes out of the gates on fire. He's got the speed and moves to break the game open. Of course, he's a rookie in a tough system for receivers to pick up, so the odds of that are slim. 2) McNabb not only regains all of his mobility, but hasn't lost a step from all the injuries and he makes a ton of plays with his legs. Again, odds are slim to none.

I'm depressed.

gdog reply to Brian on Aug 21 at 20:24

I can only pray SOMEBODY on the Eagles has the sense to see things as they are. We went to the super bowl because of TO...he opened up everything for us and gave the lesser players confidence. We need another guy like that...a stud player who can lead by example at the WR position. If the Eagles dont do something I will be counting down the days to Sixers training camp because there is NO WAY they are any better than 8-8 with this current group of receivers.

Who will be returning punts? Have they named one guy instead of by committee as previously suggested?

Special teams has not been the same since Jim Harbaugh vacated the job.

DeSean looked good in the last game...at least his moves looked good, until he fumbled after a 27-yard return.

gdog2004 on Aug 22 at 11:15

Oh Boy...
So because Greg Lewis caught a TD in the superbowl 4 years ago hes still on the roster ?
And if Avant and Baskett are so good why did we have to sign Kevin Curtis ?
Man I hope this is just a smoke screen...otherwise see my above post on how the season will play out.

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