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Well done getting this up so quick Brian. I actually have a recording of the call and will post it tonight once I convert to a podcast. For now I am linking to you for the summary.

Looking forward to the podcast, I'll put up a link to it when it's up.

I added you to my blogroll as well, keep up the good work.

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Great stuff as always, Brian, and it was a good move for the Sixers to get in touch with you guys.

Agreed completely on Thad being the key to this season. You pretty much know what you're getting from everybody else, but Thad at the 3 is a wild card. The good thing is that when he's on the floor, he'll probably be the 4th option on offense (ahead of Sammy), so he can concentrate on crashing the glass, playing good D, sticking open jumpers, and otherwise doing the little things that made him successful last year. The offense will come when he's ready.

Yup, the way I see it, he's still going to be beating his man down the floor on the break, getting points that way, but his other points will be different. Instead of put backs, we're going to see more wide-open 15 footers. If he's knocking those down, this offense will be very, very good. If he isn't, it's not the end of the world, they've got three really good other options on the floor and Sammy to clean up the slop down low.

TheGuiltyParty on Aug 21 at 19:05

Good job. I read Henry Abbott's blog and apparently Ed and the Sixers' PR are really ahead of the curve when it comes to communication with bloggers. Stefanski seems to be doing a LOT of things right this summer.

The Willie Green question had to be asked haha.

It was definitely nice to interact with the other bloggers, as well as Mike Preston. He seems real down to earth and a good dude.

Hope we can do it again.

Stefanski knows what he's doing.

gdog reply to Jordan on Aug 21 at 20:06

Stefanski knows what he's doing.
This my friends says it all. I am not stressed about the sixers at all...they will have MANY great years ahead. The NJ nets were the leagues doormat for DECADES before Ed came along and they went to two NBA championships with him running the show. We are in very good hands...

Great stuff all around, I love reading the sixers blogs from all of you guys. Keep up the good work. Great job by Ed for reaching out to us. I really feel like I'm connected to this team more than any other. I'm proud because I can take solace in the fact that they are going for broke and doing it the right way. It's going to be a fun ride no doubt.

Thanks for sharing this, it's very interesting to read how Ed thinks this team will develop.
And thanks to the Sixers for giving you guys this opportunity.

Stefanski's openness and straight-forwardness is a huge positive. Coming from a NY fan with a bit of jealousy, it's refreshing to see such honesty with fans from the front office. No generic safe answers... just real responses to real questions.

As a GM, Stefanski has a good chance here to emerge, sort of like Belicheck from Parcell's shadow, as the "real brains" behind Rod Thorn's successful stint as Nets GM. He's shown a lot of savvy in the decision making process.

Did anyone ask him about the general process of determining the amount of Iggy's extension?

Unfortunately, no one asked about Iguodala's contract. I think we were more focused on the upcoming season and the roster, but we should have.

From what I've heard, they were at an impasse and the Sixers came back to the table with a huge increase to get the deal done.

That question was in the back of my mind, but for some reason I couldn't think of it at the time.

It is cool that Ed talks to the Sixer bloggers. This is the second time for you now Brian right?

Now we just need him to go one step further and talk to commenters on the blogs...

I hope there were quality questions that got towards these...

Do you read blogs?
Will ownership pay the luxury tax?
How much, if at all, does statistical analysis affect personnel decisions?

I am at work so I can't listen to the podcast.

great stuff and thanks for the links Brian

I just came back after vacation and missed the conference call, I got the invitation by Sixers PR dept but couldn't join you guys on time... I was so disappointed, that was a pretty unique chance to interact with Stefanski and you guys

Hope there will be more chances in the future, it's great that Sixers deal with bloggers

That gave me an idea, I'll email you to explain

Thank you again

Gary M. on Dec 9 at 12:10

I guess I am a depressed fan as well! I came across your blog because I was trying to find a way to reach out to Mr. Stefanski. I really wanted to make a plea to him to really give Cheeks a chance. I feel really bad because hes not the problem. Honestly, Iguadala is the major problem because he flat out cant shoot! Why would you give a guy like that 80 million dollars. Im afraid we are stuck with him too!

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