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i agree completely. willie green is not starting material in the NBA. not only does he shoot a low percentage, but he dominates the ball and jacks up too many shots, taking away touches from our other players. more than one commentator noticed that willie was the worst player getting significant minutes on any playoff team last year. by Hollinger's assessment, replacing willie with just an average NBA shooting guard would have produced a significant bump in wins for the Sixers last year.

if it was up to me (astonishingly, it's not), i would use Lou at the 2 in the event that AI2 is forced to start at the 3. yes it would take some of the scoring pop off of our bench, but our bench should be stronger than it was last year anyway. Kareem Rush should provide offense off the bench as it is.

one thing that i am really curious to see is how Rush plays defense. most of the scouting reports i've read say that he is an uninterested defender and has poor lateral movement, but i've also heard from hardcore Pacers fans that he was the teams most consistent perimeter defender last season. i guess i'll have to wait until the fall to find out the truth for myself.

I'm looking forward to seeing Rush play. Part of me thinks he's going to play a pretty big role on this team, and part of me wonders if that's a good thing. He thrived in the O'Brien offense which is basically huck up the first semi-open three, and play no defense. I want to see how he handles being on the court when he doesn't (or shouldn't) have the green light to shoot every time he sees a little daylight.

Man there must be nothing going on in sportsland for you to write this one Brian !!
Gimme some Eagles brother !
Seriously..Willie Green is average at best and honestly I cant see how the sixers with 2-3 months to go before the season would even consider this. I dont think its an accurate story so Im not getting too worked up over it.
I still say the starting 5, barring injury is Miller, Iggy, Thad, Elton, Sammy.
Now if they elect to bring thad off the nech for scoring punch and have iggy start at SF with willie starting...Im ok with that. As long as his minutes are only like 20-25 a game and as long as he is OUT of the game when it matters.
Its not who starts..its who finishes.
Ask Manu Ginobli.

Anything to keep my mind off the Yankees these days.

More Eagles coming, if the Yanks lose tomorrow it's officially football season.

I agree with noah when he said, "I would use Lou at the 2 in the event that AI2 is forced to start at the 3."

We would lose our 6th man, but as much as I hate Willie, he does have a solid chance of thriving as our 6th man/scoring option off the bench, along with Rush.

If Willie's out there with a lineup of Miller, Thad, Reggie Evans and Theo/Speights or something of that nature, he could provide a nice spark as opposed to if he were with the starters, he'd hurt the offense and take looks away from our studs.

If Iguodala has to play the 3, I'd go with either Lou or Rush as the starting two guard. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. Willie could be useful in spurts when all you want him to do is come in and fill it up. If he's hot, you ride him. If he isn't, you get him out of there.

gdog2004 on Aug 27 at 10:48

If theres any creedence to this story...I would have to believe its because of Thads poor ball handling that he wont start at SF.
or that Iggy is only making 280 of the "1000" or so jump shots that hes taking every practice so he cant play SG.

LOL @ WG as "best outside shooter", pretty unbelievable someone can rank him ahead of Williams and Rush. Good find Brian

Every good Sixers fan knows Reggie Evans is by far our best 3 pt shooter (100% last season)

BTW I've been very hard on Green in the past - same as you Brian - but last season he was good all year, it's not his fault that he, a born back up player, "had" to start. Same for Evans.

This could be perhaps the first season when Sixers could use Green properly, as instant offense coming off the bench. I think if he can stay in control he can be very effective for us, strenghtening the rotation at the wings and giving us more flexibility (LW can play the point, Ig switch to play at the three, Thad four etc)

Noah, on my site you'll find a Pacers fan's point of view on Rush, it's pretty interesting

The Greek on Aug 27 at 18:38

Brian, thanks for the great article. If i wanted to talk eagles i would be posting under one of your eagle articles. Theres never not a time to toast willie g! I can't wait to see Speights play. The day we can consider him to be a good defensive player is the day that we the die-hards will be pining for him to take sammy's job? What do you think Brian?

Tom Moore on Aug 28 at 14:26

All I meant to say was that Green is often an after-thought in the discussion of possible starters -- a lot of people thought Carney would be the "two" last year -- and keeps hanging in there. As for his 3-point shooting, the Sixers' coaches like that he's not afraid to shoot it, can score points in bunches and is a good on-the-ball defender. He is not a high percentage shooter and probably won't ever be. Rush is a good 3-point shooter, but that's about it. If Williams were 6-4, he could start. But having him and Miller would be a 6-1 and 6-2 backcourt in which neither is very good at stopping the ball. My guess is it'll be Iguodala and Young on the wings.


Thanks for responding. I don't think you're wrong in saying that he's in the mix to start at the two, I just think (and hope) that's really the worst-case scenario. The reasons you listed, outside shooting and on-the-ball defense, would probably be the same reasons the team would lean on if they ultimately went in that direction, I just think it's flawed logic.

From my perspective, Willie should be afraid to shoot the three. He's horrible from out there. He can score in bunches, which is why he'd be a better fit as a scorer on the bench, in my opinion.

Agree with you about Lou's size being an issue against teams w/ bigger back courts, but I think his defense on the ball was actually pretty good last year.

Anyway, like I said in the post, keep the scoops coming, you're doing a great job.

I still think Carney can be a quality player, maybe Matt Barnes(ish) with more athleticism.

Late in the season, Carney was the only weapon the Sixers had from downtown. I think he would've flourished with them this year, had he stayed with the team.

In Minnesota? Well, maybe he does well there too, with Al Jefferson and Love down low, but he's going to have problems finding minutes.

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Aug 28 at 20:13

Carney does well in the open floor, but still seems to be playing too fast in the open court. He almost acts as if the ball is a hot potato and he has to get rid of it -- usually by shooting -- in a hurry. Based on his camp and preseason last year, I thought he really could've helped the Sixers in 2007-08, but he didn't do as much as I expected. Maybe a change of scenery will benefit him.

I’ll bet his vert is higher than Iggy’s

Well this is the problem with investing tons of money in a guy who can't play the position he's supposed to play.

It's not really Iguodala's ability to play the two that's in question right now, it's whether Thad is ready to start at the three or not. Personally, I don't think it's going to be an issue.

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