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Sorry your last trip to the stadium had to be that game. Mine was back on August 3rd, the game where Edwar gave up the grand slam to Tex but we still won like 14-12 or something. Not ideal last games by any stretch.

Not an ideal last season, by any stretch. Ugh.

Going to the game tonight...hopefully I'll have a better last memory of the Stadium

I hope so too. Hopefully Ponson will dominate.

Man that sucked to watch last night.

As I was walkin up the basement stairs to join my wife, for Tivo'd Deal or No Deal (or payback, as I like to call it), it occured to me that the biggest let down was anticipating the game all day.

Cruised the blogs, read the hype, bought into the BS and got excited. All of this only to get what we got last night.

Wish I could say I don't care bout tonight, but I do.

Tomorrow my Bro and I are headin up from Baltimore to watch the game. Hope Moose makes a bid for 20!

Enjoy the game all.


Brian - I was down your way and watched the other NY team give a game away to the Phils.

I read about A-Rod's night. My first thought is to bat him 8th but when he's going this bad he's liable to hit in 3 DPs tonight.

So write a note to Joey G and tell him to try A-Rod in the leadoff spot. Nothing else to lose...

An Open Letter To The NEW YORK YANKEES
Dear sirs/madams,
As a native New Yorker and life-long Yankee fan, (I attended all 81 home games in 1982) I have been telling my children about ‘The Magic’ that is Yankee Stadium, the stories I’ve told of my own hundreds of visits to The Stadium , the pictures I’ve painted over the years while we watched on TV were soon to be realized since I recently took my wife and children to Yankee Stadium from Las Vegas. The reason for the trip was to instill the Yankee Pride in my kids and to ensure that the enduring legacy of being a Yankee Fan would pass down to their children, (some VERY lonely games in the 80’s when I was a season ticket holder and couldn’t get people to come with me) The Stadiums rich history and The Monuments (The Babe, Lou, The Mick, etc.) that symbolize the history, tradition and meaning of Yankee Stadium that finally would be forever etched in their hearts and minds. This was to be their Yankee Fan anointment so to speak, and it centered around Monument Park.
After 4 airline tickets, a cramped and ridiculously expensive hotel room in midtown, thousands of dollars for tickets, (A total of $7,000 dollars, more than a months salary), we arrived at The Stadium on Friday, August 15th, 2008 at 3;30 PM. Some friends at SONY pictures got us 4 Sony Stadium Club Passes so we went to dinner while there was no wait. We were well aware that Monument Park would close 45 minutes before the games 7:05 projected start time (the game actually started at around 8:30) and so we rushed and ate our $250.00 dinner quickly finishing at 5:45 and getting to section 36 well before 6:00.
When we got to Monument Park we were refused entry by a security guard! He said that because of the rain they closed it early. I stated my case that we had travelled from out of town and my children will never get a chance to see the monuments at The Stadium. He smirked and said ‘Oh you’re from out of town? So’s everyone else here tonight” I implored him to radio a supervisor but he refused. Meanwhile, well dressed Yankee Stadium staff members, with clipboards and radios were escorting groups of people into Monument Park from the section 36 entrance and from behind the park. I, (a grown man, a father with his kids watching) begged this guy to at least allow us to go down the steps to look (not go in) at Monument Park, since others were, so the kids could know they had been there and seen the monuments. The security guard said, “No way, now leave this area before I have you all thrown out of the Stadium!” I could see the look on my kids faces turn from optimistic smiling pleads to horror. We were flabbergasted! I told my family to wait for me the next section over and I went to the Executive Offices Lobby to plead my case. When I arrived I was told that the ONLY way to get into Monument Park was with an escort. A young women came down to meet me, and after hearing my story I asked if she’d get someone to escort us. She radioed the security supervisor who told her that Monument Park may re-open soon. I told her we’d even wait until after the game just so the kids could see it. She took my cell phone number and said she’d call me either way. We went to section 36 and waited, and waited. I’m still waiting.
Needless to say we were all very sad that the children were not able to see the Monuments, but also disgusted and dismayed by the treatment at the hands of your staff. Although we will probably always be Yankee fans, I (nor my children) can never again look at the New York Yankees the same way. The Yankees that I grew to love, the Yankees of my youth, the Yankees that made you feel special and proud to be a fan, all the rich memories and romanticized stories I’ve told my family and out-of-state friends, the oasis of friendliness that was Yankee Stadium was erased in a moment thanks to that horrible and scary experience. This NEVER would’ve happened under “The Boss” someone would have stepped up to help us.
Obviously this bad experience was an ongoing topic within our family during (and after) the game and the next day. I am feeling sad physically sick just writing this letter. Some that read this letter my feel sympathetic or at least empathetic, but I fear that you really just don’t care-the fans are a nuisance. On the airplane on way home the next day, my son took off his iPod headphones, tapped me and asked: “What happened to the Yankees?”. I don’t think he was referring to their won-loss record but to the perception based on his expectations.
So, send your form letter, or don’t, and know that you meet (or won’t meet) the same people on your way up and while on top as you do on your way down.
What has happened to The New York Yankees?
With sadness,

Joe Viola
Yankee Fan

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