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I don't understand how you can lay blame on Joe G. Look at whats around him. Kennedy is a bust, Hughes is close. 2/5ths of the rotation doesn't have a win. Jeter is showing that he isn't a leader, and Posada, the true leader has been down all year. It's also not Girardi's fault that Arod is completely insane. Sure, Joe G has made some questionable moves, but I still see him being wildly successful as the Yanks manager if the front office could put together a team for him that he could have some control over.

The one good thing to come out of this year is that it mirrors Boston 2006, and look how well they bounced back.

I said this in a long post before, but in a nutshell, if the Yanks were healthy a monkey should be able to manage them to a division title. The injuries they've suffered (which really aren't as bad as what Boston has gone through) mean he needed to manage a little to get into the playoffs. This team has the talent. He didn't motivate them, he didn't make the right moves at the right times, and he literally cost them games with horrible moves.

Granted, he doesn't pitch, he doesn't hit. He can't control an 0/5 from A-Rod or a series of 4 inning starts from the rotation. What he can do is put the team in a position to succeed. That's all managing comes down to. If your offense isn't clicking, you play small ball. You manufacture runs. When the bats are hot, you let them swing, you don't hit and run, etc. He doesn't have a feel for the team, he doesn't have a feel for situations. He also doesn't have the credibility in his own clubhouse to keep these guys motivated.

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