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Feeling preet good about the Eagles..
HUUGE special teams upgrade return-wise....Demps is very solid as a KR, as is Jackson at PR.
Eagles are thin at WR but theres a few things I like.
Baskett looks decent to me...big and strong possession type guy.
Desean Jackson can stretch the field, and Avant and Greg Lewis are adequate 3rd options.
But heres the wild card....Lorenzo Booker can play RB, Hunt at FB---Brian Westbrook can split out. Throw in LJ Smith and thats a lot of guys Mcnabb can throw/dump off to. I see this offense dinking and dunking a lot but a LOT of guys can make plays after the catch. If you start considering Westbrook as one of your wide receivers things start looking better. Booker looks good to me and I think teams would have to respect the run with him in there...hes slippery. Hopefuly with a shorter field to work with Mcnabb wont need the home run option Curtis provided.
Theres also the chance that Lito Sheppard could play WR...that would be interesting.
I pick the Eagles to be right there contending for the playoffs...10-6 maybe...assuming the wideouts come back healthy...both of them. Although I must say I am not a Reggie Brown fan at all...maybe hes better this year. Kevin Curtis I am a fan of for sure.

I didn't watch the game (rarely get to watch preseason), but did Tony Hunt play well enough to earn a spot as the only fullback? From the way Reid talked after last game, it didn't sound so but I'm still hoping he earns a position.

gdog2004 reply to JJ on Aug 31 at 8:29

Hunt played decent. Nothing spectacular. But no one else in the fullback role really shined either. He IS the teams fullback though...as the others were cut.
Is he the best PURE fullback...probably not. But he can catch passes and run the short yardage really well. Hes a playmaker...and with Curtis and Brown out the birds need all the playmakers they can get. I like the choice of hunt at FB...he was just asked to be the FB 2 weeks ago and has done a decent job.

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