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Brian - Who would of thought Pavano would be lights-out....?

Beckett's injury is worth noting. The Rojo Sox could slide right out of the wild card race. We need to keep an eye on the Twins...

The Twins are in the middle of a monster road trip, which is a good thing. They're playing a bunch of horrible teams, though, which is a bad thing. From the get go, I thought they'd win the Central just because they aren't playing anyone the rest of the way. It looks like they're sinking on the road, though (they won last night).

The Sox have been just as ravaged by injuries as the Yanks have, if not more so. Plus the whole Manny thing. Francona has done a really good job of holding that team together, and adapting to a depleted lineup. Too bad Girardi hasn't been able to do the same in NY.

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