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gdog2004 on Sep 5 at 10:15

Brian...first things first...thanks for an Eagles article. The Yankees are toast...we all know it.
The Sixers have done everything they are going to do in the off season---its E-A-G-L-E-S time !
I couldn't agree more on Westbrook....he is the MVP of the team if not the league and HE not Mcnabb will make this team go. A couple things though you didn't mention which makes me optimistic. McNabb....if healthy teams have to respect the run with him. Also if hes healthy he tends to be more accurate and focused. He should be better than he was last year. LJ Smith--lost in the fact that TO really made the offense go in 2004 was the fact that there was a healthy LJ Smith out there too...this was NOT the case last year and it should really help the passing game.
RETURN game looks MUCH improved...having the team start at the 35-40 instead of the 20 is huge. If anything there should be a lot more field goals for the birds.
Defense...birds defense looks solid. Very solid...
Overall secondary could be the best in the league
and their nickel package should be THE best in the league.
Having three lockdown corners means BLITZ BLITZ BLITZ ! I look for many more turnovers from the D to help out the Offensive field position.
If Kevin Curtis comes back at 90% and if Desean Jackson can produce like he did in preseason I look for the eagles to be one of the top 3 teams in the NFC. If not, they still may make the playoffs. I am READY for some football !

i agree mostly, except that i think Tony Hunt will be mostly a non-factor, or possibly a huge negative. Andy Reid simply does not give touches to his fullback. never has, never will. eagles fullback have averaged something like 4 touches each season, so don't expect to see Tony Hunt touch the ball. the main roll of the fullback in the eagles' offense is as a blocker, and in the limited times we saw him last year, Hunt was a miserable blocker. as maligned as Winston Justice's performance protecting McNabb was, Hunt's was just as bad or worse. this isn't to say that another year of learning the offense and a change of positions won't suit him, but based on past performance i think this is a decision that could have really bad results for the Birds.

on the other hand, you didn't mention Lorenzo Booker, who by all accounts had a great preseason. he is like Westbrook in his speed and shiftiness, and is also a decent receiving threat out of the backfield. finding creative ways to use Booker and Buckhalter could be the key to freeing up the passing game and putting Westbrook in a position to make big plays.

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