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Guh! I don't like how the Yanks are handling Joba at all and if Hughes is healthy he should be pitching in the big leagues.

Girardi said there isn't enough time to get Joba back into the rotation. Doesn't make sense to me, but then again, most of what Girardi says is BS anyway.

I agree with you about Girardi. Mixed feelings on his performance this year.

Hows about an end of the season report card Brian? I'd like to hear what your thoughts are on Girardi- Year one: The Quest for 27.

Alex K. on Sep 2 at 18:07

I think leaving Phil in the minors is a confidence thing, nothing more, nothing less. They regret rushing him so they want to make sure he spends ample time in AAA after basically skipping it last year.

Could have had Johan Santana!

That's debatable. I still think the Twins weren't trading him to a team in the A.L. Grr.

The Twins' minor system worked wonder for Cliff Lee last year. Maybe they can send Ian Kennedy there.

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