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The true wonder of this game is Jeter and Nady let that high fly ball dropped between them and neither of them got an E.
BTW, can somebody in the Tankees coaching staffs slap the back of Cano's head and tell him to stop swinging so carelessly at balls out of the strike zone?

He chased three or four balls at his eyes in one at bat against Garza. Someone needs to slap Cano in the back of the head for a lot of things.

Here's the answer to the "8 Ks & 10 hits" mystery:
"He had a generous zone," Moose said of Brian Runge.
Maybe Carl our Saviour will throw a perfect game tonight.

The zone was generous, maybe Moose will get lucky and have Runge behind the dish for a couple more starts.

I see Damon has 53 broken bats...do we know if that's some kind of record...?

Should we try the Elias Sports Bureau...??

I'm certain the number is higher than 53, I've only been counting the obvious ones, and I'm also certain it's a record.

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