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I think this is on point. So much depends on Sammy's head. If he buys in and focuses on dominating at the defensive end, he'll be fine. If he decides the world needs to see more of his offensive game, we have a small problem. In your projections, the one area I think may be a bit off is his blocks. I think they will go up, as he will play more weakside and help defense (Brand will guard the stronger post players), which should get him more rejections and make the Sixers a better defensive team.

Offensively, I wonder about his little jumper. He'll never have a go-to post move, but that baseline J has actually gotten much better over the last two years. This season he can get that shot any time he wants it. If he can hit it, he can become a niche producer on offense. (Think Charles Oakley, Kurt Thomas, etc.)

I had his blocks up a tick, not that much though. You could be right, coming from the weak side should help.

i agree with Matt. if anything, Sammy probably gets more jumpers this year because Brand likes to play on the low block. putting Sammy at the mid-high post leaves him free to shoot his 15-footer or flash to the basket for easy looks.

Sammy could get more jumpers, easily. If he winds up taking a bunch more jumpers, though, something is wrong. He's clearly the 5th option on offense at this point, by a large margin. Lobs for dunks and put-backs should probably be the extent of his offensive game, with an extremely rare jumper thrown in just to keep him happy.

I like the hi-low game when you have two skilled bigs (with the better passer of the two at the high post), but Sammy doesn't fit the bill.

Sam seems to love his jumper, but he really shouldn't cause he's really really bad at it. Instead of working on his jumper developing some of the fundamentals on offense that he has not yet developed would be better...posting up...dribbling...passing from the post...these are skills that it would be nice for sam to learn.

The addition of brand means that sam really should be little to no part of the organized offense now that there's FINALLY a big man with an offensive game on this team in god knows how long.

I am with Matt and Noah

contrary to what many Sixers fans feel I am ok with Sam shooting (some) jumpers, I think his range has got longer over the years and clearly he has become comfortable facing the basket: he now feels he can hit them, which is nice.

His form is also pretty good, and his FT %, high for a C and always increased through the years, is a confirmation that he worked on his shot and it paid off

of course he shouldn't get carried away and must mix those outside shots with putbacks, alley oops, dishes etc, but 3-4 mid range Js per night would be ok.

Like you guys said, Brand will draw a lot of attention in the low post, Sam could stand around the FT line and either wait for the kick out and shoot the J or cut quickly to the paint for an easy basket

Brian, great job as usual, I don't think Sam's PPG will be up to 12, I expect more a small decrease (same could be with his RPG), but overall I'm pretty sure he will go on improving and the team will benefit

gdog2004 on Sep 4 at 14:21

Man whats wrong with focusing on just defense, rebounding and shot blocking ?
It seemed to work out pretty well for Ben Wallace. If Sammy scores 8 PPG and is a shot blocking/rebounding/defensive monster I would be thrilled. Think Garnett without the points.

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