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first things first. Do any Eagles fans read this blog ? Seems to be a lot of Yankees and Sixer fans...I love those teams too but dammit its football season !
Impressive win by the Eagles. LJ Smith REALLY helped open up the passing game. DeSean Jackson made some really nice grabs in traffic. I think the wideouts were great...but Mcnabb made all the right reads too. and the O line was awesome...rams never even got a hand on Mcnabb. Defense was solid and quick.
I am super psyched for next Monday nights game...could be a NFC championship game preview.

The best thing about McNabb's game today was that he didn't needlessly check down. He trusted the guys on the outside (especially Jackson) to beat a corner in tight coverage, and the WRs came through. Having a healthy L.J. Smith really opens things up for this offense.

Still, I'm a little worried that they were basically playing another preseason game today. St. Louis looked horrible, like they didn't even care. Next week will be the real test. I'm wondering how Asante is going to handle T.O. He did a great job on Holt today, and probably should've had 2 or 3 picks.

Hank Baskett! I sat McNabb on my team today!

Ouch. I wouldn't rush out to get Basket, but DeSean Jackson is worth starting in any league.

Bruce Paine on Sep 8 at 0:33

That Rams team has been on a steady decline since they got stomped by Atlanta in the Playoffs in 04. I really thought they would be a little better this year, guess not. Philly really looked like they were having fun. Everything was working, everything happening on time. Just a smooth Sunday afternoon in Philly

The Birds looked good, but I can't help thinking this game had more to do with a terrible St. Louis team. They put zero pressure on McNabb, didn't seem to have any kind of game plan on offense, and generally seemed disinterested in the game. I think it's going to be a long season for Rams' fans.

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