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I'm gonna say the hit on Stevie is better. He is much bigger than Bush and to take him off his feet like that, plus seperating him from his helmet, major hit!

Did I mention I sat McNabb in fantasy yesterday?

RBickers reply to The GM on Sep 12 at 17:17

Jackson was better. Bush was a sitting duck waiting for for a screen to float down, moving laterally. An easier target to sight on and jack up. While Jackson--besides being a big badass--had at least decent amount of speed and momentum and was moving straight downfield making less time and tougher angle for him to time the hit and he still jacked him up.

Sheldon Brown's hit reminded me of the late Andre Waters in his days as an Eagle. I think both guys could stop a Mack truck....

Hits like that are the reason I thought they might move Sheldon to safety and start Lito and Asante at the corners. Andre Waters was the man.

REGGIE BUSH WAS BETTER... its close though

I think I agree with you, mainly because Jackson held on to the ball and got right up. Bush looked like he had a collapsed lung or something after the hit. Damage done is definitely something you have to take into consideration.

I'd have to say the Bush one was better. Bush had to leave the game and he coughed up the ball...Jackson popped right up AND held on to the pass so definitely not as much damage. A+ for knocking off his helmet and almost his dreadlocks ...lol

I agree with you Brian...move Brown to safety and then start Lito and Assante. No one would dare throw over the middle on us then! Besides, nothing rocks like the whole stadium singing the Lito song when he gets an INT....I've been there and it's electrifying..

Sheldon brings the wood for sure but no way can you put him at safety...with Dawkins, Mikell and Considine we are solid there.
Hell...all those guys hit hard. I just hope Sheldon gets a hit like that on TO next week.

Considine will always scare me. I like Mikell, but need to see some more of him.

I don't know, I think we'd be better off having our best players on the field all the time. Start Brown at safety, Lito at corner, then in the nickel move Brown back to corner and put Mikkel in at safety.

I like the Bush hit just a little better. Like you and LJ said, Bush stayed down, got up, and fell again. He didn't know where he was.

Also, I haven't seen a real clear video of it, since I had to miss the game for a wedding and my VCR crapped on me, but it looked awfully close to being helmet-to-helmet. The Bush hit was totally clean, but still absolutely devastating.

Sheldon's becoming one of my favorite Eagles. Good cover corner (probably the weakest of our top 3), great hitter!, and seems like a real professional and leader in the locker room. (compare his comments about the upcoming game to Pacman's, "They played the Rams, dude.")

Tedyt314 on Nov 24 at 19:10

I am fro STL and i must say i like the hit on jackson better i just wish it would have k.o.ed him for good

Nick Galarreta on Nov 2 at 10:51

Both of Browns hits were when he was going full speed and the player he was tackling was going very slow. Both Jackson and Bush had to wait for the ball. I do think the Bush hit was better. Almost anyone in the NFL would have knocked Jackson over because it was simply gravity and speed going against him. When Brown is running at him full speed from the side of corse he's gonna falldown. And Jackson didn't stay down. He was able to celebrate.

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